If we look at the market nowadays, we are likely to find cannabis products all over. Not only does cannabis appear in modern businesses, but it’s also found its way into many topical and common daily uses. Cannabis has even made it into the dental market, keeping gums healthy and teeth strong.

Cannabis is a plant-filled with plenty of chemical compounds, some of which are looked at with interest by doctors and scientists for their groundbreaking properties. Doctors and professionals in the cannabis industry use these chemical compounds in ways that allow for the safe recovery of patients experiencing different illnesses. PTSD patients and people suffering from major skin conditions have benefited from treatments involving cannabis-infused remedies. Among the most beneficial compounds found within the cannabis plant, the best-regarded and most used are CBD and THC.

Out of the many properties belonging to cannabis, CBD has experienced the largest commercial expansion. Non-users and people who aren’t interested in consuming cannabis at all are drawn to CBD in particular because of its proven health benefits. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid whose popularity has driven it to be found in cannabis-infused products, such as skin care ointments, shampoo, soaps, and coffee. You are now likely to find products with CBD in your favorite drugstore. At popular family diners and food venues, the menus often feature meals with CBD. 

CBD Makes Healthy Teeth and Gums

However, if we wish to look into a product whose manufacturing has used CBD as a feature, it is toothpaste. Considering the most appealing qualities that CBD has, such as anti-inflammatory and calming properties, dentists and professionals from the cannabis industry have grown to accept the infusion of CBD in tooth care products.

What are the benefits of using CBD and toothpaste together? Let’s look at how cannabis has shaped the oral health industry so far. 

How CBD and Oral Health Came Together

CBD-infused oral products can be found in many famous dental brands. One of these is Primal Life Organics, which is a popular oral care brand. Executives and dental professionals working for this company made the choice to incorporate CBD into the formulas used in their products, believing their qualities would appeal more to customers. This brand also believes CBD can help cure gum disease, arguing that studies show CBD-infused toothpaste also helps heal toothaches and oral abscesses. Some doctors also think CBD toothpaste and dental products can help decrease bad breath. 

Considering all of this, you may still doubt if CBD-infused dental products are of high enough quality to swap your favorite brand for one that has these components. Most customers doubt dumping their favorite dental brand for one that is cannabis-friendly will help them increase their oral health. Others believe CBD-infused dental products still have more to prove for non-users to choose them over more conventional offers.

Teeth, Could Cannabis Help With Our Teeth?

How Cannabis Helps You Keep Your Mouth Healthier

There is little doubt CBD has many qualities that work wonders for your gums and teeth. Considering what doctors have found to be appealing about this component for other common treatments, such as dermatology, it shouldn’t be far-fetched to believe topical solutions also help with teeth. The studies conducted on CBD’s properties confirm it has many pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities, which are often necessary to combat tooth care issues. Damage caused by tooth decay and bacteria, for example, is held back through CBD treatment. 

Recent studies confirmed that CBD also has antifungal and antibacterial qualities beneficial for tooth care. In a study conducted with lab rats, CBD-infused treatment resulted in the almost complete healing of oral wounds in the test rats. Although similar studies are yet to be conducted on people, doctors believe they should be similar in terms of CBD’s efficiency at lessening the effects of oral wounds. 

What the evidence shows might seem enough to convince anyone CBD-infused oral treatments are bound for common dental use. However, research on this specific subject is still lacking. Federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which forbids the conduction of further studies. 

This situation will, hopefully, be reversed in the years to come, and doctors will have conclusive evidence to support the inclusion of CBD in conventional tooth care products. 

How CBD Might Heal Gum Disease

Gum disease is the most common dental complication affecting people all over the United States. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that almost 50% of Americans over the age of 18 suffer from gum disease, or have been affected by this dental issue in the past. Like tooth decay patients, people who have been infected by gum disease are now required by doctors to use more unconventional treatments, among which is CBD.

Proper oral care is by itself not only necessary but also effective in most cases of gum disease. People suffering from gum disease are at risk of losing their teeth and experiencing the breakdown of gums, and even some effects connected to heart disease and vulnerability. As of this moment, studies conducted in this area haven’t shed enough light on what CBD can do to prevent gum disease from reaching dangerous levels. Doctors seem to agree that the effects that may be expected from this pairing are nothing but positive. However, as long as there is a shortage of evidence on this, we can never know for sure.

What makes dentists and professionals in both the cannabis and the tooth care industry hopeful, is that many enthusiasts have taken upon themselves to test the effects of CBD-infused tooth care products. Since the people who volunteered for these tests suffer from gum disease, they find that anti-inflammatory and natural cannabinoids make their oral care routine stronger and healthier. What we know for sure, is that a tooth-brushing experience combining conventional toothpaste and other care products with CBD infusion is more soothing and calm-inducing than using conventional products.

If you feel up to it, you could test how well CBD holds up with your regular tooth care treatment. At Haven, we must provide you with the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products on the market. 

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