In the relatively young history of the legal cannabis industry, CBD has stood out for its solid therapeutic capacities. CBD, which is short for ‘cannabidiol’, is a non-intoxicating cannabis substance. Ever since professionals from the cannabis industry began testing its effectiveness in treating patients suffering from different forms of illness, CBD has ignited what could well be described as a cannabis revolution. Conditions ranging from cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis, all the way to morbid obesity, have been substantially lowered in patients who have tried employing CBD-infused products as part of their treatment. Often, doctors who are open-minded about the potentials of cannabidiols will prescribe them to their patients, foreseeing that this will help them cope with their symptoms better. The results have been consistently solid. Not only does the condition ailing the patients improve drastically, but so does their self-esteem. Considering all of this, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that CBD could also be used to help people deal with daily complications, such as stress and depression.

As it happens with other endocannabinoids such as THC, CBD is distilled and processed into several different formats. Cannabis enthusiasts make the most from the format that best suits their personalities and lifestyles. 

Let’s find out which ones are the most commonly sought after CBD products on the market, so you can make your own mind about which suits you best. Feel free to scout in Haven’s stock for the many CBD offerings we have waiting for you!

CBD, Finding the Best CBD Products For You

CBD-infused Edibles

Contrary to popular belief, edibles don’t exclusively contain THC in their dosage. In fact, experience shows that the industry favors CBD-loaded edibles as much as THC ones. Clients are increasingly more open-minded about trying out an edible which manages to alleviate their stress and anxiety while also being tasty and fulfilling, especially if they happen to suffer from an additional condition that requires CBD and aren’t very used to smoking or vaping. Cannabis enthusiasts will often be inclined to incorporate CBD edibles, as well as the occasional drinkable format, among their regular choices.

Cannabis Tinctures

The tincture format is made of liquid cannabis extractions which the user applies under the tongue. This format is particularly unique, and is not as commonly used as most other formats. In order to be applied, tinctures must be soaked in alcohol or vegetable glycerin. They are also famous for being one of the first medical cannabis formats to ever be used in the United States. Tinctures are usually not as concentrated as other oil extracts. However, they also act faster on the bloodstream than edibles or other ingestible oils.

Hemp Oil And CBD-infused Oils

Of all formats on this list, CBD-infused oils enjoy a very special popularity in the cannabis market. There are many reasons for this, one being that the cannabis industry has seen its customer base grow so much that it has had to come up with as many different presentations as possible, so as to befit the diverse tastes from its clients better. However, its popularity has also risen because of the CNN special documentary “Weed”. This film revealed the amazing story of a young girl suffering from epilepsy who managed to recover dramatically from her condition via an oral CBD oil format. 

The way a hemp or CBD oil works is by being extracted from a cannabis strain with a high CBD dosage. The extract is then synthetized into a non-intoxicating oil. From then on, users can actually rely on many ways to administer it. A CBD oil can either be ingested, incorporated into a capsule, or even diluted into a solid food.

CBD Oils & Strains For Smoking/Vaping

There are methods through which strains with a high CBD content may be smoked or vaporized. Users who are fond of this method often try the same with CBD oils. This format results in the user getting an instant soothing effect from the cannabidiol. In order for this format to work, the strain or oil should have as less THC content as possible. However, it’s possible for a strain to have minor trace amounts of THC, which will allow the user to feel calm while remaining active. Strains often have balanced doses of THC and CBD as well, which deliver a minor high together with a deep calm-inducing feeling. Users will often choose to inhale CBD as their preferred format, especially when dealing with symptoms such as anxiety, since it’s more immediate in its effect. 

Cannabis Topicals With A High CBD Infusion

Last but not least, we arrive at the CBD-infused topicals, which have risen to popularity in recent years among patients who suffer from different discomforts and painful conditions. Whether it’s chronic pain or a major form of illness, topical CBD is a go-to choice among patients. Unlike the other formats mentioned in this list, topicals have a localized effect. They are usually varied in their composition, and often feature THC doses as much as CBD. Patients in need of an alleviating method that will leave them conscious and active will make the most from an infused topical. Furthermore, balms and salves present in the topical format are non-intoxicating. This suits the patients’ treatment as good as any other cannabis presentation on this list.

It is still too early to tell all which a solid CBD concentration will do to help someone cope with their needs. The cannabis industry will likely experiment with the countless possibilities of CBD in the near future, since the results have been amazing so far. Patients suffering from numerous illnesses throughout the years have relied on the wonders of CBD and found it to work miracles with their pain. If someone goes through the painful symptoms of diabetes, cancer, chronic discomfort, or other illnesses, the chances that they manage to deal with their burden via a CBD product are high (pun intended!).

Feel free to scout Haven for the best CBD offerings available, and pick the one that you’re certain will work best for you.

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