re-established in 2019

Orange County’s Best Cannabis Dispensary Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Welcome to Haven

re-established in 2019

Orange County’s Best Cannabis Dispensary Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Welcome to Haven

Open 7 Days A Week | 7AM – 10PM

Find us at 1625 E St. Gertrude PL, Santa Ana. Located on St Gertrude, between Warner & Edinger.
(949) 565-4769

Introducing Haven Society,
our new & improved loyalty program

2x points per dollar
Rotating product specials
Special gift on your birthday


200 pts: 1 Featured Preroll
500 pts: 1 Featured Edible
800 pts: 1 Featured 0.5g Cartridge
1200 pts: 1/8th (3.5g) of Featured Flower

* Redemptions available on featured items only. Restrictions do apply

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Recent Writings

Can Cannabis Help to Alleviate Stress?

Of all illnesses in the world, stress is perhaps one of the most, if not the most common. People from every culture and country in the world experience stress, and it usually appears whenever we’re under pressure. An exhausting routine, overly long work schedule, or...


How Cannabis Can Help PTSD Veterans

Nowadays, cannabis users are growing more and more aware of its many benefits and relaxing properties. Whether it’s recreational or medical marijuana use, cannabis is often chosen over pharmaceutical drugs as the main treatment for anxiety. In one of the most...


Cannabis Hangovers: Can They Happen?

Everyone is familiar with hangovers. Whether you go out partying or are simply hanging out with friends from time to time, drinking too much will make you experience one. Its many effects range from heavy fatigue, headaches and migraines, as well as nausea, vomiting...


kind words from good people

Word on the street

  • Bob N. Avatar
    Bob N.

    5 star rating By far the best dispensary I've been in from AZ, NV, OR and in CA. The bud tenders all know their stuff and r very... read more

    Melody L. Avatar
    Melody L.

    5 star rating This place was awesome, very clean. I'm a cancer patient and they definitely fulfilled all

    My needs. I'm tired of taking typical drugs that causes side...
    read more

    Dave E. Avatar
    Dave E.

    5 star rating Well, first visit and Very Impressed!  As two seniors we weren't sure what to expect.  The inventory and selection is overwhelming.  Fortunately the sales rep,... read more

  • Donna G. Avatar
    Donna G.

    5 star rating Thank you so, we are from Hilo, HI and part of a co-op but went for a recommended salve for my 94 year-old Dad. He... read more

    Tricia D. Avatar
    Tricia D.

    5 star rating Came in to pick up some High Gorgeous lotion that Las Vegas does not have. The Bud-tender that helped me was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.... read more

    Karlee W. Avatar
    Karlee W.

    5 star rating I have been a customer here for less than 6 months and I already got to redeem a 1/4 of top shelf flower for free!!!... read more

  • Nadia H. Avatar
    Nadia H.

    5 star rating ShowGrow is amazing.

    I came in here not knowing what to expect. The place was clean and beautiful.

    The staff was beyond polite and helpful. I...
    read more

    Jason D. Avatar
    Jason D.

    5 star rating The SG experience has been amazing! I've been in once a week for the last 2 months and have received nothing but excellent service. All... read more

    Rocky N. Avatar
    Rocky N.

    5 star rating Great Store!

    This really should be the model for anyone opening a store.

    This is what it should look like.

    Consistently they have the best flowers at the...
    read more

  • Kelly M. Avatar
    Kelly M.

    5 star rating Bianca helped me out on my 2nd visit. Great location. Great deals. Beautiful building! Employees are all super nice

    Michelle G. Avatar
    Michelle G.

    5 star rating My num 1 favorite dispensary in oc cant believe i havent reviewed already i mostly started coming to this location when they were open till... read more

    Sandi W. Avatar
    Sandi W.

    5 star rating This place is great. Was my second time here and Hailey and herfriend were the best. Good prices,  good product

  • Daniel L. Avatar
    Daniel L.

    5 star rating Absolutely love this place! I've been to the other SG locations as well, but this one really takes the cake. Super clean, amazing and friendly... read more

    Kira H. Avatar
    Kira H.

    5 star rating Beautiful storefront, huge selection, amazing customer service. As good as it gets!

    Anita G. Avatar
    Anita G.

    5 star rating This is probably going to be one of my favorites! "SATIVA LITTLES". And yes the container has nothing but small tiny lil nugs. I tripped... read more

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