Cannabis Ice Cream and Other Unlikely Treats

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Cannabis

cannabis ice cream

Edibles have taken the cannabis market by storm. There’s a whole slew of incredible, tasty treats on the market today. You’ve likely come across your fair share of cookies, candies, chocolate bars, waters, juice, and more. If you’ve explored several of these options, guess what? There’s more! In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most unlikely cannabis treats, including cannabis ice cream.

Cannabis Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a cool treat on a hot summer day? Now that day can get better with cannabis-infused ice cream. Mellow Ice Cream, a Las Angeles-based company, offers CBD and THC-infused pints of flavors such as Tahitian vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and Himalayan sea salted caramel. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can create your own concoction at home.

Cannabis Macarons

Biting into the crisp outer shells of a macaron and having them give way to the smooth, creamy buttercream center is pure bliss. Now you can take that feeling even further with cannabis-infused versions of these classy French cookies. You’ll find plenty of unique flavor options such as  Cookie Monster, Poison Apple, and Hot Cocoa at Madame Munchie, a California shop that promises Paris chic with Cali chill. 

cannabis ice cream, Cannabis Ice Cream and Other Unlikely Treats

Cannabis Chips

Chips are a staple of parties and backyard barbeques. You can’t go to many gatherings without seeing a bowl full of potato or tortilla chips these days. Now you can take your get-togethers to a whole new level with cannabis-infused chips. There’s a multitude of interesting options on the market, including Hot Cheetos flavored Pot Chips and Lori’s Potato Chips brown sugar and cinnamon sweet potato chips. Or, as with many other types of edibles, you can infuse your favorite variety at home. Your parties will never be the same.

Cannabis Cereal

Wake and bake sessions used to mean smoking a joint with your coffee or breakfast. Then, edibles makers introduced us to cannabis-infused coffee. For those who don’t like coffee or want to try something different, now there’s cannabis cereal, a new way to start your day off on the right foot. You’ll find nods to classic breakfast cereals with options such as Crunchy Caps, Loopy Fruit, and Toast Crunch. If you love cereal, these are definitely worth trying. 

Cannabis Jerky

For those who love meat and cannabis, we present you with cannabis jerky, a hearty, savory, protein-packed snack alternative to the sweet, carbohydrate-rich infused snacks that dominate the edibles market. If you’re particularly attached to a specific brand, you can infuse it at home. Or, you can try one of the many flavor options from Stoned Age Edibles, such as Twisted Teriyaki, Southwest Rancheros, or BBQ Habanero. 

Find Treats for Your Tastebuds

Everyone’s tastebuds are different. The great news is that there’s an edible out there for just about everyone. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth and love the idea of cannabis ice cream or your mind wanders to cannabis pizza, you’ve got options. Just when you think you’ve explored them all, there are more! Keep your eyes peeled for even more unusual and tasty infused treats in the future. 

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