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Questions we hear often at Haven cannabis dispensaries.

At Haven, we believe in transparency and giving our customers an excellent experience.

We understand you may have questions about our dispensary, cannabis products, loyalty programs, and reward points – so we created a place for you to find this general information fast.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, we invite you to give us a call or stop by one of our four recreational dispensaries in Southern California and consult with one of our knowledgeable cannabis experts.

Where are my points?

Your points are located on your profile, which can be checked on any POS system.

How Many Points do i have?

We can check how many points you have on our POS system, or ask any of our employees and they can check for you.

Have we changed our rewards products?

Yes, that’s one of the rewards of being part of the Haven Society. You are not limited to one product selection.

How long have you been here?

Haven is excited to be coming to Long Beach. The Haven brand was established in 2019 and will continue to be here for our customers.

Do we accept out of state id?

Yes, as long as the ID is valid and up to date. No expired IDs will be allowed.

Can I come in with just my Id?

Yes, again, as long as the ID is valid and current.

Why do we have to check ID.

California law requires that all customers must show a valid ID to prove they are 21 or older. A driver’s license or passport is sufficient.

Do I need a rec?

In order to buy medicinal cannabis, you must be 18 years of age or older and have either a current physician’s recommendation, a valid county-issued identification card, or be a Primary Caregiver as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 11362.7(d).

To buy adult-use cannabis, you must be at least 21 years of age or older with a valid government-issued ID.

Where can I find an MMIC card?

You must apply for an MMIC in person at the Health Department of the county in which you reside . As of July 2014, they are available in every California county, except Sutter and Colusa.

How much can I buy?

You can buy 1 ounce of adult use cannabis per day. If you’re a medical patient and have proper authorization from a doctor, you can buy up to 8 ounces per day.

What are the deals for the day?

You can find our deals for the day on our website

Do we take credit cards?

Yes. There is a $3 processing fee for each transaction.

Do new customers get something for their first visit?

Yes, once you sign up for our Haven Society program you are qualified for a first time member discount.

Are we going to share your information with anyone?

No, we take our customers and patients’ information seriously and will not share their information with anyone.

Do we carry ½ oz?

We carry flower in a variety of sizes including 1g, ⅛ oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, and up to 1 full ounce.

Do we have $5 prerolls?

Yes, we carry a variety of prerolls, including $5 prerolls.

What’s your strongest indica?

We have a large selection of indica flower to choose from, with various brands and strengths.

Do we have Orchid?

Yes, we carry Orchid products.

Still have questions?

We are here and happy to help

Give us a ring at any of our four recreational dispensaries in Southern California. Our team is here to provide thoughtful, honest advice if you have questions you’d like to chat about. 

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