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by baemax
It’s my favorite for sure. And every time I go, they remember me and treat me like fam. The taxes suck but what can ya do? It beats being scared of a raid. Haven is legit and I recommend it to everyone in the area. Much love you guys.
by abthatsme
I felt so lucky that Valerie could help me navigate all of the tinctures they have to offer. We settled on a 1:1 with THCa for my grandmother who’s experiencing an extreme amount of pain and has a hard time eating. So far she’s requested 2 more bottles and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.
by blacks_well
Didn’t know what to expect when I came in and thought I would be in and out. I was surprised to see they had so much cool stuff to look at and the person that helped me walked me through all of it! I ended up spend way more time than I expected in there but it was honestly fun.

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