One of the most common misconceptions about cannabis is that users interested in its healthy components are young or middle-aged. Since the plant has become more accepted in recent years, however, elderly consumers have turned more accepting of the many benefits it brings. Doctors and professionals of the cannabis industry continue to conduct experiments and tests on the plant every year. The consensus within the medical industry is that cannabis has many compounds that boost a lot of health properties. The cannabis-infused treatment has worked wonders for patients suffering from PTSD as well as cancer and arthritis patients. So, senior people will benefit from the effects of cannabis.

As people age, they are more likely to suffer from an array of different health conditions. No matter how healthy they are, people who have aged will probably experience the loss of memory, insomnia, eating disorders, or a weakening of the bone structure. These are often common symptoms of specific illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, all is not lost. The medical industry continues to achieve important breakthroughs as time goes by, and it constantly conceives new ways of treating these diseases. Problems common to all older people can be successfully treated through different medications and therapeutic solutions. In recent times, marijuana has been employed as one of these more effective means of helping older people keep healthy.

Nowadays, medical studies conducted on the beneficial effects of cannabis hint at the breakthrough its use can be. Almost 90% of physicians consider that medical marijuana is one of the best treatments for almost all illnesses affecting senior citizens. On a survey conducted on this subject, 90% of patients recognized that cannabis-infused treatment has helped them cope with the symptoms of their disease. 

Cannabis Benefit Elderly, How Does Cannabis Benefit Elderly Users?

How Does Cannabis Exactly Improve the Health of Elderly Users?

Alleviating Pain

Aging is a process that makes the human organism more vulnerable. People who age are more likely to develop pelvic pain, arthritis, rheum, migraines, memory loss, lower back pain, or weakened bones. Suffering from these conditions is a process that could be chronic or acute. Elderly users who test cannabis often experience that this substance helps them cope with these illnesses.

The European Journal of Medicine recently conducted a study on elderly medical patients of different health conditions. The study, whose patients were all over the age of sixty, revealed that medical use of cannabis can lower pain in elders. Patients who underwent marijuana medical treatment agreed that cannabis also increased their quality of life.

The two most important components found within cannabis are THC and CBD. Doctors who have researched the health effects of cannabis consider that these two formulas are effective against common illnesses because of their many anti-inflammatory properties.

Strengthening the Bones

Another of the most common complications in the elderly is the weakening of the bone structure. Bone density declines for the same reason as skin strength does as we age. If elderly patients suffer from more severe conditions, such as osteoarthritis, this could worsen. In the most extreme cases, patients suffering from this condition may feel their bones are so weak that they cannot even resist wearing regular clothing.

Marijuana can help elderly patients with debilitated bones, thanks to its CBD compound. Upon entering the bloodstream, CBD heals the bone structure by regenerating the tissue. Over time, it decelerates the bone deterioration process. According to several studies on the matter, cannabis aids patients with broken bones by healing fractures and enhancing bone health.

Preventing Insomnia

Given that insomnia is a very common illness experienced by older people, sleeping pills are more and more consumed on a daily basis. However, they can also bring unpleasant side effects, such as addiction or chemical imbalance. This is why doctors and professionals from the cannabis industry continue to recommend marijuana as one of the safer ways of dealing with insomnia.

Cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD are very effective at calming medical patients. As for people experiencing insomnia, these components can help them fall asleep easier, as certified by a 2006 study.

Improving Appetite

When asked, elders almost always consider that appetite decline is one of their major health concerns. This is a result of decreased digestive capability. However, it could also be the case that elders experience declining appetite thanks to other major health concerns. Elderly patients who are depressed might experience lower appetite. Regular medications with unwanted side effects also make the elderly feel less hungry during the day. 

Not eating properly means not gaining the nutrients and vitamins in our daily intake. It can make elderly patients gain major health conditions. One of the most common side effects of marijuana is appetite increase. Cannabis achieves this in our organism by stimulating flavor sensitivity through THC, which impacts the brain’s olfactory receptors.

Helping Them Cope With Major Diseases

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are some of the most common major illnesses affecting the health of elders. These diseases are not only lethal, they also affect the people who suffer them with the decreasing of many important capabilities. Alzheimer’s disease can make elderly patients have major memory breakdowns, become unable to speak, or even recognize their loved ones. 

Doctors and professionals from the cannabis industry consider that cannabis could help Alzheimer patients. THC, in particular, appears to be very effective at removing the Alzheimer plaques from the nerve cells. Along with CBD, THC helps maintain the health of brain cells. CBD also eliminates the toxic protein from the brain by countering inflammation. In this way, cannabis helps regenerate damaged brain cells. 

Cannabis Benefit Elderly, How Does Cannabis Benefit Elderly Users?

Considering what we elaborated so far, cannabis is one of the most effective medicines for elderly patients on the market. It might be a healthy substitute for conventional drugs and medications. Doctors are growing more confident on the beneficial effects of their compounds, and more conclusive studies are likely to be conducted on this subject in the years to come.

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