As cannabis becomes mainstream, the need to discover the perfect high has become even more important. That’s led many to seek information about terpene profiles. They are the naturally occurring compounds in plants that are responsible for its aroma.

All plants excrete terpenes to protect themselves from predators, infection and help with pollination. In addition, many terpenes have been studied for their medicinal benefits. When it comes to cannabis, this research is just starting to ramp up and cannabis brands are going all-in with designer terpene isolates. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to know which terpenes you can count on to bring you excellent outcomes.

How Do Terpenes Work

The way terpenes enhance a cannabis high is through the entourage effect. Working with CBD and THC, the terpenes affect how the body uses the cannabinoids to produce an enhanced experience than that of an isolate.

Terpene Profiles that Get ‘er Done

Terpene Profiles, Terpene Profiles That Boost Your HighLimonene

A lot of people like the energy that a citrus smelling strain gives them. Limonene is a common terpene that smells like lemon and has a medicine chest of benefits that include anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-diabetic properties. Moreover, a variety of strains offer limonene dominant profiles, some of the most popular are Banana OG, Berry White, and Purple Hindu Kush.


If preventative maintenance is your priority, myrcene is your terpene. Preliminary studies show promising results in mice for the treatment of brain oxidation in stroke victims. This known anti-inflammatory is also found in hops and thyme. There is more myrcene in Indica than Sativa and you can find it in Tangie, Grape Ape, and the lovely Blue Dream.


This peppery, nutty smelling terpene may bring the attitude adjustment you’re looking for. It’s known to benefit the management and treatment of depression. Additionally, it’s pain-relieving qualities are measurable. Some of the best strains feature this terpene including, Pineapple Express, and Gorilla Glue.

Making Sure They’re Not Left Out

One way to make sure the terpenes don’t get left behind is to buy cannabis products that use the C02 extraction process. This technique isolates the terpenes and adds them back into the finished formulation. When vaping, adjusting the temperature on your vape device can ensure that you get the most out of your terpene profile. Some even suggest an optimal temperature.

Our knowledgeable cannabis experts can talk terpenes all day long. Stop by one of our licensed dispensaries to start the conversation. We’ll point you to the best cannabis brands for an awesome terpene dominant experience.

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