Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds. Two of the most well known are THC and CBD. These cannabinoids provide several significant benefits. One such benefit is the promotion of relaxation and sleep. They’re not the only ones that can help, though. CBN and CBN oil may also provide insomnia relief and promote better sleep.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a lesser-known cannabis cannabinoid. What’s interesting about it is that it’s not actually present in fresh cannabis. It develops as a result of THC degradation.

When fresh cannabis is exposed to air, THC begins to lose some of its oxygen. It degrades slowly and gradually, turning into CBN. Heat and exposure to light can also expedite the transformation. The older the plant material, the higher the concentration of CBN.

Can CBN Oil Get You High?

As a byproduct of the degradation of THC, CBN does have some psychoactive properties. However, the effects aren’t nearly as strong as the ones produced by THC. CBN has about 10% of the potency of THC, resulting in much milder effects. Combined with CBD, these effects are diminished even further.

How Does CBN Work?

CBN binds with the same cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system that THC does, the CB1 receptors. When it activates these receptors, it produces a strong sedative effect. In many cases, it’s more potent than CBD or THC when it comes to inducing sleep.

CBN Oil, CBN Oil Is the New Sleep Aid

Why Take CBN for Sleep?

It’s Discreet

Much like other cannabis oils, CBN oil is very discreet and easy to use. If you’re taking it in tincture form, all you have to do is drop your desired dose under your tongue for fast-acting results.

You Don’t Have to Deal with the Side Effects of Conventional Sleep Aids

One of the biggest issues that people have with conventional sleep aids is side effects. Sleep aids often cause problems such as daytime sleepiness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. They may also become addictive. CBN doesn’t produce these unwanted side effects.

You Can Combine it with Other Cannabinoids

You can purchase CBN isolates. Combining the cannabinoid with others such as THC or CBD, however, can enhance the effects. If you’re looking to avoid getting high (or you can’t tolerate THC), consider a CBN oil with CBD. As mentioned previously, CBD helps to downplay the minor psychoactive effects of CBN. You can greatly diminish any high you might feel while still achieving a good night’s rest.

Provides Additional Benefits

While CBN may act as an effective sleep aid, this isn’t the only benefit it provides. Studies are finding that the cannabinoid may also help reduce pain and inflammation, treat a variety of health conditions such as glaucoma, Huntington’s, and MS, and fight bacteria. Research is still in the early stages, but CBN is shaping up to be a very beneficial cannabinoid.

CBN isn’t as well-understood as CBD and THC, but it’s showing promise as a beneficial sleep aid. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, CBN oil could help. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, take a look to see what your local dispensary has to offer.

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