Of all summer activities, camping is perhaps one of the most fun. Not only do we get to enjoy ourselves when we go camping, but we also get to share with others in a very pleasant and comely way. It could be a major trip with our favorite group of friends or just a weekend of romance with our significant other. There are people who prefer to go on camping because of the treats that they couldn’t get elsewhere, such as the food they get to share, or the pleasant weather of wherever they choose to go. Going outside, and spending time with our friends under the sunlight is itself a very healthy exercise. There is nothing like embracing Mother Nature’s potential to the fullest. 

If you choose to go camping, you want to make sure that everything necessary for making your trip enjoyable and memorable is in order. You should care about bringing all the food and beverages needed for making your camping trip particularly special. And, just like everything else that makes it cool, you also better pack the most suitable cannabis strain for the occasion. 

There are many camping-related activities where a good cannabis strain comes in handy. Although the more obvious thought is to simply lie down and chill out in a pleasant place surrounded by a lot of grass and covered in copious quantities of sunlight, you could also pack a special strain that proves useful for more energetic activities, such as hiking or taking long strolls around a park. 

The choice of which cannabis strain to pack for an ideal camping trip ultimately falls to the user. However, there are key cannabis strains that we can recommend, because of how effective they have proven over the years with our favorite customers. Let’s examine each of them one by one, and see what makes them ideal for that special camping trip. 

Camping, The Best Cannabis Strains For Camping


Of all strains on this list, Lavender is perhaps the most effective one at inducing appetite. Consider that a camping trip usually involves consuming a lot of food. When you go camping, not only will you have absolute permission to eat as much as you want, but the activity itself practically encourages you to do so. Don’t forget to pack all of your favorite snacks, and as many ingredients as you’d like to take with you on your trip. This is where Lavender becomes particularly useful, in case any of your trip buddies isn’t really up to eating some. Let alone, if you choose to go for an edible, Lavender might also come in handy. 

Grandaddy Purple

This strain is especially helpful when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. It is often the case, whenever we are far from our home, that we have trouble getting to sleep at our usual time. Let alone, if you’re on a camping trip, you will likely experience some heavy difficulty at falling asleep on some sleeping bag or inflatable mattress. Grandaddy Purple can help you to not only fall asleep easier, but also to do it as you receive all of the good health effects distilled from the endocannabinoids in a high CBD dose. Grandaddy is also one of the strains on this list with the strongest amount of indica, so you will hardly come across a strain that relaxes you as thoroughly and effectively as this one.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a potent energy-boosting strain with a strong dose of sativa. This strain will prove ideal for any activity during your camping trip that requires you to use a lot of energy, without draining yourself too much. Whether it’s hiking for hours, doing some foraging, or any other form of activities that are a physical challenge, such as river rafting, this is the strain to use. Keep in mind that Green Crack doesn’t really have as many soothing qualities as the previously mentioned strains. So, if you’re going to use it, make sure that your activity pairs well with the energy boost it provides.

Blueberry Muffins

Although activities that are physically challenging are unavoidable in a camping trip –and certainly, they are healthy–when we go out on camping we usually just want to relax and enjoy being out in a natural environment as much as possible. We can enjoy nature without having to hike through a rocky landscape. Sitting down on a particular ground and appreciating a nice sunset can be a turnaround for a whole day of camping. Any forms of chill activities such as this will be paired best with a strain such as Blueberry Muffins. This strain comes in handy like no other for activities where we want to relax on a deep note while remaining conscious enough to enjoy our environment.

Chemdawg 91

This strain is very good for any activity that involves cooking and having to socialize. Cooking is a physical task, but it also requires that you are able and willing to share with others as you set up the grill or start a campfire. The hybrid strain leaning close to a high Sativa dose that is Chemdawg 91 will provide you with the necessary energy for a cookout session in the evening. 

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is wonderful for any activity involving stargazing. If you are sharing a special moment with your camping buddies, and want to lie down on the ground as you contemplate the stars, while engaging in a meaningful conversation with your companions, this strain is unmatched. The Girl Scout Cookies has a balanced dose that will keep you aware and relaxed at the same time, just like you would expect from a gorgeous stargazing moment.

Going out on camping is ultimately one of the most enjoyable things to do in the summertime. Why not make it even better with a special cannabis strain to enhance each of the activities of our camping trip? Not all strains do the same, which is why you require a hybrid or mix that does just the right thing you want. Feel free to visit one of our Haven dispensaries to acquire the one that does the job for you.

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