One of the most exciting things to do when using cannabis is finding an awesome activity to pair it with. Every day, professionals from the cannabis industry develop strains for new pairings, some of which tend to be extremely popular with customers and cannabis enthusiasts. Some people believe watching a movie while under the effects of cannabis can be very relaxing and fulfilling. With every exciting new show coming out on our favorite streaming services, most users nowadays combine cannabis with binging. For others, it’s reading, enjoying a creative and tasty edible, or even putting cannabis in their favorite tea what does the trick. 

However, as it turns out, what is perhaps the most fascinating and popular cannabis pairing in the world is meditation. Ever since people first started enjoying the beneficial effects of the cannabis plant, meditation has been practiced as an activity that could be potentially enhanced thanks to the properties derived from it. Cannabis enthusiasts have paired the substance with yoga and meditation over the ages. Whether it’s because a sacred religious rite requires that a monk use a specific dosage of the plant, or simply because of the powerful concentration and relaxation it brings, people who pair the two usually find it to be a thoroughly satisfactory experience.

Meditating under the effects of cannabis has many proven perks, which is a major reason why so many people practice it. However, even though meditation exercises are very consistent, cannabis affects each person differently. People who are experienced with this sort of activity will most likely make the most from it by using a strain relying more on CBD than THC, due to the former component’s calm-inducing properties. CBD is an excellent addition to a meditation session, which could also be especially helpful for people who have trouble reaching the amount of concentration necessary for yoga exercises. However, if you happen to be a first-timer, you should consider using a strain high on indica. This will allow you to enjoy the expected side effects from this pairing without approaching an unexpected unbalance during your experience.

Let’s examine what positive effects can come from combining cannabis and meditation. 

Setting Up The Pairing

To enhance your meditation experience through cannabis, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a physical space where all of your vibes can comfortably synchronize with the endocannabinoids. Setting up a mindful practice can itself induce calm, so we recommend it in the sense that it will only establish the proper mood to start receiving the beneficial effects from cannabis. Make sure that, as you sit down in order to meditate, you find the most comfortable and adequate position to make the most out of your meditating experience. You can sit on a mat on the floor, or you could also do it in your own bed. The important thing is that your position doesn’t interfere with the exercise.

As you begin to consume cannabis, you will find it incredibly effortless to concentrate and meditate to your innermost being. Your mind will be able to meditate almost by itself, which is a side effect most users find extremely desirable and relaxing. Crafting the atmosphere necessary for meditation to be effective can be a very challenging task. Pairing this exercise with a calm-inducing cannabis strain, such as one with prominent indica components, is an easy and affordable method of creating the perfect meditation atmosphere.

Even though cannabis will certainly help you concentrate to your fullest, some people still find it difficult to focus, especially since the side effects from cannabis may be distracting once you’ve begun consuming it. For many of us, our minds are running at a mile a minute. Meditation is the right opportunity to leave this behind. We can apply ourselves to calming the mind by practicing things like counting each breath we take or repeating a positive and reassuring mantra. Cannabis doesn’t have to be too distracting in this regard since we can also rely on it to enhance our focus. Some people find that pronouncing a mantra while under the effects of cannabis is especially fulfilling. Enthusiasts who are fond of this pairing constantly provide accounts of how effective the method is. 

Remember to inhale and exhale accordingly. Cannabis will enhance this exercise greatly since each breath will soothe you deeply and relax you on a more effective way than an ordinary meditation session can achieve. 

Meditation, Cannabis And Meditation: Making The Most Out of It

How Cannabis Enhances Meditation

There are many reasons why people need to meditate. Usually, stress related to exhausting job schedules or non-productive routines can move people to try and experience meditation. Life can sometimes be very difficult, so it is logical people will try an activity that relieves them of the unwanted stress and leaves them more open-minded and positive about themselves.

However, even though many people throughout the world turn to meditation as their scapegoat, they still often have trouble adjusting to the daunting requests from meditation practices. The most common complaint is that people can’t focus properly. Quieting one’s mind is itself perhaps the most difficult challenge when it comes to meditation. Some people go to YouTube to follow a step-by-step tutorial that encourages them to try exciting and proven ways to meditate successfully. Listening to a lot of videos like this could often get you to meditate in the desired way, since, after all, experience is what does the trick.

Nevertheless, some people still wonder what it’s like to enhance meditation even more. For this, turning to cannabis is perhaps the most exciting and potentially relieving solution. If you choose to pair both activities, the best thing you could do is opting for high-body strains that are relaxing, which will be very effective to ease your mind and get it to focus. Indica strains make the best in this regard. Make sure that the strain you use has a major CBD presence.

Over time, some people who tried this pairing found it difficult to combine cannabis use and meditation simultaneously. However, cannabis enthusiasts almost wholeheartedly agree that it’s worth trying at least once.

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