Nowadays, cannabis is widely used in the United States to help treat a plethora of medical conditions, mainly because of its relaxing properties. Even though it is still federally illegal because of its Schedule I status, doctors, patients and cannabis advocates push for more acceptance due to its benefits fighting the effects of chemotherapy, among other diseases. People who defend federal legalization of the substance remark how beneficial it can be to cancer patients since its effects go past the head-high that is commonly linked to the consumption of marijuana.

Among its numerous health benefits, cannabis improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy in ways that are promising. Likewise, marijuana can help to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, which are among the most devastating factors when it comes to cancer treatment

How Does Cannabis Help with Chemo?

Chemotherapy is one of the most common medical treatments for cancer treatment. During this process, special drugs are used in order to kill cancerous cells in the body before they get to split and spread. The drugs themselves may be ingested in several ways, such as injections, pills, or an IV. The spreading of cancerous cells may be successfully stopped on time, just before they get out of control and start to metastasize. But sometimes, even this procedure isn’t enough.

The main problem with chemotherapy, however, is that it targets all cells, including the healthy ones. As a result, patients may experience symptoms from mild discomfort to extensive tissue damage and side effects may have a destructive psychological impact on the patient. For example, hair loss, nausea and fatigue are closely related to the chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer. As such, chemo patients very often feel depressed because of how uncertain the ultimate result of the procedure might be. The negative side effects of chemo are, therefore, worsened. This is where cannabis comes in to work its usual miracle.

Cannabis is one of the most effective means of addressing the negative symptoms of chemotherapy and accelerate the alleviation and recovery of patients. Among the symptoms it treats best are pain, inflammation, nausea, appetite loss, and depression. Both THC and CBD, which are cannabinoids, can work in synergy with cancer treatment drugs in order to improve the outcome of the therapy. The result is that the process becomes more tolerable. In a similar sense, research has shown that cannabis slows cancer cell growth all while leaving surrounding cells untouched. Sometimes, cannabis can even reverse cancer cell growth. The nature of the whole process is still a subject of debate and scientific study.

chemotherapy, Cannabis Strains to Fight the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The Best Marijuana Strains for Chemotherapy!

Cannabis strains can be very different from each other. The best strains have been perfected by cannabis breeding experts for many years, during a process whose main goal is to deliver the best possible results with the least negative impact. As a result of this, an influx of potent cannabis strains has been fashioned after purchasers and consumers, modeled precisely after their specific needs. Consumers who wish to treat the side effects of chemo through the use of cannabis ought to focus on strains devised for medical purposes, as well as their own individual preferences.

  1. The first of these strains is called Good Medicine. Its specific purpose is that of being a medical strain, made up of a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, along with an abundant CBN content. As a result, Good Medicine is a powerful sedative. This strain differs from other similarly loaded strains in its flavor composure, usually mixing fruit with musk. Due to its medical properties, Good Medicine can often be used to treat pain as well as lack of sleep.
  2. The second on our list is Blue Dream, which is a strain familiar to many thanks to its signature blueberry taste. It hails from the Northern California area and it manages to achieve an enduring relaxation of muscles while relieving pain. Due to these traits, Blue Dream has earned the approval of many doctors and consumers, who seem to agree on the lasting effect of its benefits. At first, Blue Dream turns to be pretty quick as it runs through the body. However, one hour after consumption, the effects start to balance, and the body becomes relaxed and stable. The best way to put Blue Dream to good use is as a pain and nausea treatment, so long as the person does not engage in many overwhelming activities simultaneously.
  3. The third strain is called ACDC, and it is a clear nod to the famous rock band. This strain contains trace amounts of THC, as well as a much higher dose of CBD. It is a comparably weak strain compared to others, with minimal effects. As such, it is perfect for first-time patients and consumers, who wish only to treat physical pain caused by chemotherapy.
  4. On the fourth spot is Northern Lights, a strain famous due to its many medical qualities, as well as being one of the few strains that can resist chemical pesticides. What appeals the most to consumers, however, is its ease of cultivation. It is able to treat the negative impact of chemo in the body, including sleeplessness, depression and pain.
  5. In fifth place, there is Mental Floss #3. It is a strain made up of sativa and the fact that it produces its high directly at the head makes it perfect for treating depression and lack of motivation in chemo patients. It also has plenty of analgesic properties that are sure to do wonders in a tense or in pain body.

Given that cancer is always gruesome news, the more methods are there to treat it and make the patient’s recovery easier, the better. And cannabis is certainly one of the best ways to help a patient cope with chemo.

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