The CBD industry is expected to expand considerably in the near future. Over the course of the next decade, cannabis-related skin care businesses are expected to reach $25 billion in global revenue. According to market analysis, approximately 15% of this industry is devoted to the beauty business. In recent times, the cannabis industry has experienced a significant extension into several other niches in the market. One of these is the skin care industry, in which some of the most popular and sought after cannabinoids, like CBD, have proven exceptionally useful for dermatologists and patients alike. Even now, clinics and labs continue to test how these components might help skin treatment, which hints that the future of the industry could be even greater than it is today. 

As studies have shown, CBD is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that are very rare and valuable in the medical industry. Dermatologists around the US often prescribe the use of CBD-infused medications and ointments to treat burdensome skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. Nowadays, it has become very common to discover CBD among the main components in serums and moisturizers. 

However, all things considered, the beauty industry itself is an entirely different aspect that should warrant consideration on its own. Even if makeup formulas were improved substantially with CBD use, it is still too early to tell if it will be a major breakthrough. Could it be possible that CBD delivers great results in lipsticks and eyeshadows just like it does in skincare products?

What Are CBD-infused Makeup Products Like?

The push to combine CBD and makeup products is not as recent as the studies mentioned above. Some of it predates even the legalization of cannabis across America. For example, entrepreneurs such as Kimberly Dillon continue to push in favor of cannabis experimentation among makeup brands. Dillon was once one of the directors of Papa and Barkley. She is expected to launch a makeup brand that focuses entirely on CBD-infused offers in the industry.

Dillon’s involvement in the push for CBD use in makeup products predates the cannabis industry for many years. Contrary to popular belief, she argues, not all makeup products could be reinforced through the use of CBD. There are a small group of products on which CBD simply doesn’t work at all. She considers that all skin care products used in the makeup profession would make the most out of CBD infusion. However, the same can’t be said about products that don’t directly interact with the endocannabinoid system, such as the mascara.

Another form of makeup products where CBD could deliver a major service would be transdermal patches, since their effects penetrate the skin and last there for a prolonged period of time. Dillon considers that these types of makeup formulas would be enormously empowered with CBD use, resulting in increased efficacy. Professionals in both the cannabis and the makeup industries agree that CBD infusion could be the beginning of more effective and elaborate products. For example, a CBD primer that penetrates the skin and remains there would be potentially groundbreaking. In summary, according to Dillon, CBD would be the most useful in a makeup infusion as long as it has a clean and transparent formulation. There are makeup products whose ingredients might be counteractive to the properties which CBD has. This, in turn, presents a major challenge for professionals from the makeup industry who want to push for CBD use in products.

Makeup, Cannabis and Makeup: Do They Belong Together?

Are There Any Well-Known Makeup Brands That Use CBD?

Nowadays, there are a small number of makeup brands that use CBD as one of their main ingredients. These brands aim at incorporating natural and clean ingredients in the formulas that they use. One of such famous brands is Saint Jane, which has patented and produced the Luxury Beauty Serum. This product uses CBD, as do the other products from the brands that try to accomplish an optimal pairing. Saint Jane’s products have additional features, such as the addition of color cosmetics to its offerings. Professionals from the makeup industry believe that CBD ought to be applied with ingredients that adjust to its many beneficial properties, instead of diminishing them. CBD-infused products could be paired with botanical ingredients that are just as rich in nutrients and effective in decreasing tension. The companies that strive towards achieving a complete pairing between CBD and makeup offerings want to make sure that the formula absorbs into the skin, bearing in mind how beneficial CBD’s components are.

One of the major expansions which the cannabis industry has gone through in recent years has been the skin care niche. This market doesn’t only reach to the medical branch, it also covers the makeup industry, according to what professionals from the cannabis business say. Given that CBD has proven to be a valuable addition to skin care products, its incorporation to the makeup niche was probably only a matter of time. Both doctors and cannabis professionals agree that the safety of makeup products can be just as important as that of skin care treatment itself. When we use a certain makeup formula, we are exposing our skin to potentially unsafe components. These chances are lowered with the topical benefits of CBD, which can be found in lipstick and lip gloss throughout many makeup brands.

Many well-known properties rely on makeup and cannabis pairing and are expected to grow on this trend. Such brands employ CBD and hemp seed oil in the formula contained in their products. Among their CBD-infused cosmetics and offerings, you may find cannabis pairings such as lipsticks and glosses. On this day and age, professionals from the makeup industry consider that experimenting with cannabis topical properties is the logical next step. They are also growing more aware that CBD could be successfully applied to other common makeup uses, such as eye shadow and concealers. They are aware that CBD makeup has a major advantage over traditional cosmetics, thanks to the health-boosting benefits this particular component offers for skin treatment. Studies show that CBD makeup also enhances the beauty of the person who wears it, which is a no-brainer for market sales.

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