Ever since the earliest days of the cannabis industry, the plant has been hailed as a potentially groundbreaking medical remedy. Long before recreational marijuana could be allowed, several states in the US legalized the use of medical marijuana in patients experiencing severely painful illnesses or especial health conditions. Even then, doctors considered that medical marijuana was one of the best and most soothing alleviating substances that could be used. Most medical professionals consider cannabis to be safer than conventional drugs, such as addictive opioids. Patients with long-term health burdens and symptomatic pain tend to be drawn to the use of medical cannabis prescribed by their doctors.

Living with chronic pain is one of the harshest and most challenging conditions a person can deal with through their lifetime. Even our daily activities could become very demanding and nearly impossible tasks thanks to a chronic pain condition. If we somehow manage to deal with all of our duties at work and at home, our chronic condition will make us succumb to other terribly uncomfortable illnesses, such as insomnia. Patients with chronic pain often reveal that they have trouble succumbing to sleep. Other forms of nuisance derived from chronic pain conditions, such as headaches, toothaches, muscle pain, or even bone pain, can make the illness even more insufferable.

Considering all of this, what would be the best cannabis-related method to alleviate pain derived from chronic health conditions? Is there a specific strain that would work wonders for all chronic pain symptoms?

Alleviate Pain, What Are The Best Strains To Alleviate Pain?

We know for certain that professionals in the cannabis industry have many solutions to offer in this regard — Let’s examine them below:


The strain known as ACDC is particularly popular and sought after in the market for medical marijuana, due to its high concentration of CBD. Almost every study on medical cannabis recognizes ACDC as one of the most effective strains when it comes to helping patients who suffer from chronic pain cope with their symptoms. 

Cannabinoids such as CBD impact neurotransmitters, delivering strong chemical benefits to our brain as we use the strain. This is one of the major effects that produce the extreme reduction of pain in the organism for patients dealing with chronic conditions.  People struggling with harsh symptomatic medical problems who use ACDC to get by tend to praise its overall effects in the body chemistry. ACDC manages to alleviate patients from the pain they endure without intoxicating them. This is achieved thanks to the low dose of THC that ACDC has. If patients experiencing chronic pain wish to be relieved of their symptoms, while also remaining vigilant and active through their daily routine, ACDC might just be their piece of cake.

Kimbo Kush

This strain works miracles for patients who are struggling with insomnia and pain during late night hours. It was originally distilled from other strains, such as Starfighter and Blackberry Kush. Patients who cope with stress and use this strain also attest to the significant changes they experienced, since Kimbo Kush managed to soften their condition on a great deal. This strain has a major dose of sleep-inducing Indica, which makes it especially useful for patients who want to overcome insomnia. In this regard, Kimbo outmatches any other strain based on Kush. 


A hybrid with a predominant Indica infusion, the Blowfish strain is distilled from other combinations, such as the Blue Dot and the G13. Patients who find sleep really challenging would benefit greatly from this strain, on a similar note as they would from Kimbo Kush. Users are always introduced to the soothing and relaxing effects of Blowfish in the organism, which remain among the best any cannabis strain has to offer.

Blowfish also works amazing for patients who struggle with alleviating chronic pain and migraines. In this regard, this strain is every bit as effective as it is with patients who suffer from insomnia.

Mendo Breath

This is another Indica strain, famous for its deeply powerful impact. In fact, according to user reports, Mendo Breath can almost single-handedly alleviate chronic pain during a specific amount of time. This is the case even with the most painful of chronic conditions. However, it is also more relaxing than your typical cannabis strain. Some users who try Mendo report that they almost instantly felt inclined to rest. As a result, professionals from the cannabis industry recommend that this strain is best used on evening hours.

Mendo Breath was distilled from other strains in the business, such as OGKB and Mendo Montage, both of which are famous for their deeply felt soothing qualities. Although Mendo Breath works especially well for patients who can’t cope with severe chronic pain on their own, it is also reported to work on users suffering from depression, nausea, migraines, and stress.

Death Star

Unlike the other strains described on this list, the Death Star works terrifically for patients who wish to be relieved from chronic pain during daytime. This strain is derived from Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. The combination that ensues from this pairing is a durable sense of joy that results in calm and happiness. According to some of the users who try Death Star to treat chronic pain conditions, it also managed to diminish their symptoms significantly when they suffered from depression, nausea, or stress.

All things considered, Death Star is perfect if you wish to experience pain relief without breaks throughout the day. Its chemical composition combines indica and sativa, therefore making the most out of two of the major strain sources out there.  

Quantum Kush

This is one of the main go-to strains for cannabis users who need to alleviate their pain during business hours. Patients struggling with chronic conditions often reveal that Quantum Kush diminishes any symptoms they suffer from. Whether it’s loss of appetite, nausea, pain, or depression, this strain is almost entirely guaranteed to work. Since it has large doses of THC, users shouldn’t expect Quantum to relax them more than usual. It leaves patients fully aware and active, which makes it particularly useful for the daytime.

Alleviate Pain, What Are The Best Strains To Alleviate Pain?

If you’re struggling with any health conditions involving pain, feel free to consult a cannabis professional here at Haven for the best strain in regards to your particular condition.

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