Vaping cannabis is one of the quickest ways to feel its effects. Like smoking, vaping sends cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream for a fast-acting result. Choosing the right vape cartridge can take the experience to the next level. Therefore, it follows that there are a few things to consider when on the hunt for a great cannabis vape cart.

First and foremost, always shop at a licensed cannabis dispensary to ensure that the product you choose has been lab-tested and is compliant. 

  • Decide what your budget is ahead of time.
  • What effect are you hoping to achieve? Discuss this with the budtender.
  • Ask to look at top sellers in your price range and full-spectrum, or live resin for the full plant experience.

Vape cartridge, How to Choose the Right Vape CartridgeA Great Vape Cartridge Flows

When the cannabis oil inside the vape cartridge is too thick it doesn’t flow properly and can get stuck on the side of the glass sometimes. Thick oil also requires a higher temperature to produce vapor. The proper viscosity for cannabis oil resembles a consistency more like honey than peanut butter. The color will vary but whole plant formulations will generally be richer in color. 

There are two different types of vape cartridge hardware. The universal, which is designed to fit any 510 threaded battery, as well as, the pod design.  Those only fit certain branded batteries with techy app features, think PAX ERA. Whether you choose a universal brand or a Pod style, there is top-quality cannabis available in each. The universal still has more variety in the market, but pods are definitely gaining in popularity.

Discrete, Fast-acting Cannabis Experience

Cannabis vapes are a huge player in the landscape of modern-day cannabis products. Brands that produce top-shelf cannabis oil attract medical patients and recreational cannabis users seeking a discrete, fast-acting cannabis experience. Choosing the right vape cartridge is a lot easier when you have the help of a cannabis expert. Stop by one of our four HAVEN locations and let our knowledgeable staff introduce the best cannabis vape products the market has to offer. 

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