Although cannabis strains generally tend to produce similar effects, they vary when it comes to aspects such as timing or personal use. Each cannabis strain is unique, therefore, each one addresses a different consumption need. There are strains that will wake you up and keep you fully energized throughout the day. However, there are also many strains whose specialty is soothing you down and getting you to rest. There are cannabis strains that will heighten your capacity to focus and pay close attention to details, whereas there are strains that aim at lowering your stress and quieting your mind. Depending on the consumer’s individual need, each of these strains could be used at different moments.

But what about daytime use? What are the best strains to consume during the day, whether it’s in the early morning, midday, or halfway through the afternoon? We will answer these questions in the following list, where we have collected brief key facts about the best cannabis strains for daytime consumption. Some of the strains we will examine below are ideal for early mornings where we feel sleepier than usual and basically just want to crawl back to bed. An effective cannabis formula can be very helpful in counteracting this. Keep in mind that each of the following strains also addresses individual needs of the person consuming it. Therefore, you should consider both daytime use and personal preference when it’s time to make your choice.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a famous cannabis strain whose uplifting properties have made it very popular. Its most prominent terpenes are terpinolene and caryophyllene, which make it stand out among regular daytime strains. These terpenes lend Jack Herer a very piney and earthy scent, which in turn provide a very therapeutic aroma that is quite useful in waking us up. Considering what Jack Herer can do in sharpening our focus and boosting the energy in our body, it can safely be regarded as a caffeine substitute for cannabis enthusiasts. Some users like to combine coffee with a small dose of Jack Herer. According to anecdotal evidence, this combination enhances our ability to function during daytime.


Dutch Treat

As the name suggests, this popular strain was originally created in Amsterdam. It is effective in producing a wake-up sensation that, unlike other strains on this ist, is typically painless. Dutch Treat is ideal for users and consumers who prefer to get their cannabis intake at night and not during daytime. Its potent properties provide the energy boost that is most needed when we are struggling with an urge to sleep. Dutch Treat is quite effective both during the weekdays and in the weekends. Although it manages to keep our body energized throughout the day, it is also very soothing and relaxing.


Green Crack

Green Crack is very famous because of its energy-boosting properties, which has been described by many users throughout the world as a ‘kick’ effect. It is ideal for early morning use, since its effects help counteract sleepiness. It also manages to lower our stress levels and hold down fatigue, while at the same time enhancing our ability to focus. It is gifted with many different treats and infusions, such as mango taste. Because of this, Green Crack is possibly the most breakfast-friendly strain available for daytime use.



Unlike previous strains on this list, Candyland works best during the afternoon. This strain has a very sweet smell, and it can safely be combined with any number of pleasant activities. Whether you’re writing a song, reading, painting, or simply chatting with someone, Candyland is bound to be very effective in either circumstance. This strain is remarkable for its cheerfulness, which is why so many people turn to it for afternoon use.


, Best Strains For Daytime Use 


Lemon Kush

This strain is perfect for any challenging tasks or demanding activities we face during the day. Lemon Kush has a predominant THC presence in it, and its most abundant terpene is myrcene. If you wake up to a day with a very busy schedule that requires that you make extensive use of your creativity, Lemon Kush can lend you a hand. This cannabis strain successfully combines ingenuity with positive vibes, enabling you to pursue your busy schedule with a broad smile. If your afternoon is loaded with troubles or errands, taking a minor hit of Lemon Kush along with your lunch will provide you the energy boost that you need.



This is one of the most legendary cannabis strains for daytime use. Its history dates back to the 1970s, when it was regularly employed to balance energy with relaxation. The cannabis profile in this strain is particularly soothing, with a major THC presence and myrcene and caryophyllene as its most prominent terpenes. This is partly why it has always been a very popular choice among consumers. If you’re planning to have a get-together with friends, Blueberry is an excellent strain to use. However, if you are just coming back from work and plan to relax on your own, then it will be just as helpful. 


CBD Critical Mass

This strain stands out among this list due to its major CBD presence, which lends it its distinctive name. CBD Critical Mass has a cannabinoid profile with a strong CBD presence, as well as a myrcene-predominant terpene composition. All of this has made it popular for combatting stress and physical pain. However, this doesn’t mean CBD Critical Mass is completely soothing; its THC presence sharpens the user’s ability to function during daytime. This strain is ideal for consumers who are sensitive to THC use. So, if you’re struggling with delicate conditions, such as chronic pain, then you should pick CBD Critical Mass over any other strains on this list. Experts believe CBD Critical Mass is most effective at noon. However, the wisest thing for you to do is to test it for yourself, to see when its effects produce the desired results better.


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