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Yummi Karma - Wicked Apple Tincture 1000mg
Yummi KarmaYummi Karma - Wicked Apple Tincture 1000mg1000.0 milligrams
THC: 1000mg
CBD: 3.42mg
CBN: 18.3mg

Wicked Apple Drops Total Cannabinoids: 1042.71mg This fall, something wicked is coming to YK Drops. Introducing: Wicked Apple Drops, our HIGHEST. DROPS. EVER. We infused these drops with 1000mg of broad spectrum THC and gave them a mouthwatering green apple flavor that will make you want to skip the candy this year. Don’t let this high THC formula give you a fright. Make sure you start low and kno...

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This product is no longer available.

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