As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. After all, if you don’t even bother to peek inside, how can you know what you’d be missing? As far as cannabis consumption goes, most customers make this same mistake when they simply choose to purchase a product that looks good without considering anything else. But in truth, its flavor and quality don’t necessarily correspond to how good they look.

Buds that look good are colorful and show aesthetic quality may be the most compelling kind out there in terms of marketing. Label design that stands out due to how slick it is can turn out to be very appealing to the average customer. In this regard, packaging also plays a huge role, since it gives the casual buyer an idea of what the product might be like. However, the same could be said of the opposite. Slick packaging and design might be hiding something that isn’t worth your money, distract you from what you are actually looking for and mean to purchase, or simply make a product pass for something it is not.

Considering what has been said before, is jar and bag appeal a truly important factor when it comes to purchasing cannabis?

Bag Appeal: What’s up with It?

One of the most important things to keep in mind about cannabis packaging—and that comes in handy with every purchase—is that it usually represents a very compelling and effective marketing tool at the dispensary all by itself. The same can be said about carefully selected display jars and nugs, which can vary according to the dispensary’s marketing philosophy.

If you think about the wine market, it is full of sommeliers and experts who pride themselves at looking at many factors before making up their minds about purchasing a single brand–such as regions, age or spice within the mixture. Most of the people who purchase wine often admit that they mostly buy because of the label design. In this regard, we can see what one of the most important wine purveyors had to say in the matter. Gallo, a company that has extensive experience in the market, conducted a survey with well-known wine drinkers, which revealed that almost two-thirds of the purchases were motivated by label appeal. The same thing which we described can happen with cannabis products.

The cannabis world is becoming more and more visual as time goes by, which can be testified in social media such as Instagram, as well as in eye-friendly infographics all over the internet. Therefore, an appealing cannabis packaging along with detectable and often large nugs can be the deciding factors that make a purchase happen, or not.

Retailers are usually the ones who find bag appeal the most important thing along with product quality. They want the product to look attractive on the shelf so that customers are compelled to taste and buy it. Most cannabis retailers consider that bag appeal is of utmost importance. For them, packaging needs to have good visual appeal, andhey often argue that, as far as retail goes, bag appeal is the bottom line. It would seem from these statements that cannabis packaging is the most important thing when it comes to the market itself.

But let’s not call our bets off just yet. A purchase can be achieved through a good presentation, but what really makes customers come back for more is the quality of the product, as well as the purchasing experience.

bag appeal, Why Bag Appeal May Not Be Important When Buying Cannabis?

More Than Just Aesthetics

For all intents and purposes, what should a cannabis customer do when it comes to packaging? What if they come across an astonishing array of gorgeously packaged marijuana? First and foremost, he should read the labels on the packages. That is a fantastic way to learn about the product before having to purchase it, less they are misguided by a pretty packaging nug. For instance, perhaps the buyer is looking for a specific kind of potency or a determined ratio of THC to CBD. Maybe the label is showing the levels of THC and CBD contained within the product, whereas some might pinpoint other types of cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBG.

Although probably not allowed, it would be recommended that you try to give the product you’re looking for a small sniff. Among the many chemical compounds that provide each strain with a particular taste and smell, cannabis is full of terpenes. One of the most universal examples of terpenes, that even the least trained person can smell, is the limonene, which tastes and smells of lemon. Similarly, there is the clove-like myrcene, as well as the pinene, which smells like pine. Humulene has woody properties, whereas linalool is floral and citrusy. Each and every terpene is fitted with particular therapeutic qualities that can aid anyone to cope with anxiety, as well as lessen depression, and help the consumer get a good sleep after a long day.

Likewise, if you happen to be searching for products and stumble upon two different ones that look extremely appealing from the outside, we’d recommend that you take a look to check if the flower has enough trichome coverage. Trichomes are one of the properties that boost most cannabinoids. They can be detected by the flower shape with a frosty appearance. They are sticky, slick growths that resemble hair along with the plant’s shape. Within trichomes, the consumer will find many healing benefits contained in the plant for illnesses such as pain, anxiety, inflammation and nausea. If you mean to make the most out of it, then search for buds that have great trichome coverage.

As it happens with every business in the world, cannabis consumers are pressured to consider several factors before making a purchase. Sometimes, it’s just easier to choose the prettiest package in the store and buy it. Yet, if you mean to make the most out of your purchase, you should try to do a little more product research. This will help you pick not only the one that looks the coolest but also the one that will truly satisfy you the most.

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