The cannabis world is exuberantly rich in components and texture. However, not many people are well acquainted with what terpenes are, or what they do. In contrast to popular belief, terpenes make a major difference when it comes to how they operate in a specific cannabis strain.

Terpenes could be defined as chemical aromatic compounds. They are very abundant in marijuana, just like they are in any plant. What makes terpenes so special is that they provide stand-out scents to the tastiest cannabis strains. The nuanced and varied taste found within a strain comes from the terpene it has. Most of the time, when cannabis users and enthusiasts describe a particular flavor in a specific strain that they like, what they are referring to is the terpene that lurks within that plant. This is true to both famous strains such as myrcene to very rare ones, like phellandrene. In addition to the distinctive scent, terpenes are also largely responsible for the therapeutic effects that cannabis ends up providing. 

In the cannabis plant, there are approximately 100 different terpenes at work. Each of these brings particular health effects when they interact with components such as THC and CBD, which are themselves famous for the individual benefits they bring to our organism. Terpenes also interact in a synergistic dynamic with other terpenes, as well as with the biological oils produced by our body. Out of all this, the Entourage Effect happens, which is a major boost of chemical combinations that are very beneficial to our organism.

Understanding Geraniol 

Professionals from the cannabis industry are familiar with all kinds of terpenes, as well as with the individual benefits they can provide. In that regard, one of the most sought-after terpenes is geraniol. There are other forms of terpene which are better known among customers and cannabis enthusiasts, such as myrcene or limonene. Although geraniol isn’t as famous as these terpenes, it’s still one of the healthiest and most significant out there. Geraniol can be found in spices and fruit, as well as roses, lemons, peaches, blueberries, grapefruit, carrots, and most kinds of fruit and vegetables. It is often the case that manufacturers add geraniol to different products because of its fragrance. Articles such as perfumes, candles, and even soaps can contain geraniol. Similarly, pastries and desserts often make use of geraniol’s scent to expand on the quality of taste.

Geraniol is not as predominant a terpene as some of the more popular variants. However, it is still famous due to its subtle floral profile, which gives its signature sweet taste to strains such as Black Cherry Soda and Agent Orange. Due to the chemical combinations of properties such as CBD and THC lying in the terpene itself, geraniol also has many medical benefits like pain reduction, as well as anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

You may be familiar with geraniol’s name since it hails from the geranium herb. This plant is very famous due to its citrus scent, and because it is often employed in farms to repel insects potentially affecting the crop. It is geraniol’s distinctive aroma what instills the interesting scent of rose and fruits within the cannabis strain. This effect tends to be more subtle than the stern aroma of citronella oil that can be found in geranium plants.

Among all of geraniol’s properties, it is the distinctive scent of rose what makes this terpene a valuable commodity in the fragrance industry. Another component which helps this property stand out are the subtle citrus scents, which have found their way into the cannabis industry in a significant form.

Geraniol Terpene, What Is The Geraniol Terpene?

How Does Geraniol Work As A Health-Booster in Cannabis Strains?

As we mentioned above, geraniol is not as abundant in the cannabis market as some of the most competitive terpenes. However, it may still be found in a great variety of strains. The ones with the highest concentrations of geraniol are the following:

  • Lemon G
  • Lavender
  • Harlequin
  • EPOG
  • Agent Orange
  • Afghani
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Kimbo Kush
  • Black Cherry Soda
  • Tahoe OG
  • Dutch Hawaiian
  • Purple Punch
  • Strawberry Diesel

Over the years, geraniol has been the focus of scientific studies seeking to determine how much of a beneficial health effect it has when added to cannabis strains. Although scientists and doctors consider that it’s still too early to tell, what data has found shows promise in regards to how geraniol operates. In 2015, a study showed that the geraniol terpene has major anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are very beneficial to the human body.

Doctors are still hopeful that over the coming years, further studies can be conducted on how geraniol-infused strains produce a health boost in the organism via the Entourage Effect. 

A more recent study showed that geraniol is among the most effective compounds in repelling fungi and bacteria. This study put geraniol up against 18 different forms of bacteria and fungi, and concluded that its antifungal and antibacterial properties were significant.

Other major health effects have been associated with the use of geraniol, such as neuroprotectant and antiviral properties. Doctors believe that geraniol could be successfully employed against viral infections and some consider it’s probably already being used in that capacity today. A study conducted in 2016 also revealed that geraniol could help suppress the growth of cancer cells in different forms of this particular disease, especially colon cancer. If tested, this scientific achievement could produce one of the most significant medical breakthroughs in our lifetime.

On a side note, geraniol has also been tested with animals thoroughly, especially on hamsters and rats. These studies have revealed that the terpene could potentially help in managing diabetes and hyperglycemia. According to medical specialists, it could also contribute to mitigating the symptoms of atherosclerosis, as well as other sensitive health conditions that affect the arteries.

Here at Haven, we are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Feel free to scout for strains that have a high concentration of geraniol, so that you can test its health-boosting properties for yourself. You can also check our different products which contain this terpene and taste its well-regarded floral scent.

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