For most cannabis enthusiasts, choosing their favorite strain is a very personal experience. There are users who think a high with a major mellow effect is preferable, whereas others believe it’s not as important as buzziness. Most users agree that a lasting effect throughout their body is the most enjoyable sensation a cannabis high can bring. For others, however, it’s how the strain manages to soothe down their anxiety and calm their heads what they find more appealing. However, not everything that goes into a cannabis high is strictly based on one’s personality. There are many external factors that may impact the strain’s quality and sustainability, as well as the traits of the person who consumes it.

As users, it’s key that we understand the potential causes that can make our high more effective or enjoyable. Once we get the facts right, our experience will be enhanced, and we’ll take in the different strains for all they have to offer. In short, finding out the small details that make a strain good for us will be much easier.

Let’s examine for ourselves what are the most relevant factors that influence a cannabis high.

The Environment In Which We Consume

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a cannabis high is the environment in which we consume it. Most people tend to discard this, and believe they can simply take the same strain as many times as they feel like it. However, what experience shows is that doing this can produce different results, and make the high more or less effective over time. This has been proven true when users who attempted to smoke the same strain on two different days revealed that their experience felt nothing alike.

If you are considering using the same strain on different occasions, or on a particular place, you should stop to consider some things. For one, make a mental note of how you felt before starting to use, especially if you were already on a happy mood before smoking. If you felt nothing like that, but actually experienced anxiety and uneasiness, then keep it in mind, since examining the strain’s effects might prove how successful it was in cooling you down. Being with one’s peers or in a crowd of smokers, or even out in nature, can also have a major impact in how a cannabis high is produced and what effects it has.

The many environments where we choose to use a strain will make the experience different in a wild number of ways. Make sure to take note of your comfort level prior to consuming: this will be key in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the strain. There are users for whom getting high before entering a waiting room makes them experience anxiety, which could be discomforting. If calm and relaxation is what you’re going for, other times of the day might be better, such as the moment right before we go to sleep.

Taking our environment in consideration is one of the best things we can do as cannabis users to make the most out of the experience.

High, What Factors Influence A Cannabis High? (Part 1)

The Dosing

Getting the right dose for a cannabis strain can be one of the most challenging parts in a user’s experience. For first-timers, this is particularly tricky. The same applies to people who are about to get into other cannabis consumption methods, such as edibles or a different strain than the one they’re used to smoking. 

For most people, the best way to start is by taking an essentially low dose. If you want your high to be effective, but also healthy, you need to think of the dose you use as the most important part of a good cannabis experience. If your dose is too small, you will feel extremely disappointed. However, if the dose is excessive, you will likely break down and freak out over the most meaningless noises.  It’s ok. It happens to the most experienced of us too.

A cannabis user is not unlike a wine connoisseur. The best way to get a great cannabis experience is to familiarize oneself with its specialty. 

Cannabis Tolerance

This is perhaps the most personal factor that can influence a cannabis high. Each person’s tolerance towards the plant varies drastically. Because of this, finding that specific strain that works best for you is considered as much influenced by inner factors as it is from outside factors. 

The age of the user can highly determine whether or not they are tolerant enough, or if they are excessively intolerant towards cannabis. Other effects that can impact tolerance are the frequency in which cannabis is consumed, as well as the internal body chemistry. If a user smokes a strain for a prolonged period of time, this may lower their tolerance. Getting to know one’s personal tolerance is key to discover what specific dosage to use and during what specific amount of time. If you choose to consume cannabis with other people, make sure their tolerance level is more or less equal to yours.

Since tolerance is one of the most personal, if not the most personal, traits that affect cannabis consumption, only you can determine how tolerant you are towards cannabis. By discovering your tolerance level, you will have the chance to make your cannabis high as effective and adequate as possible. This applies not only to recreational users, but to medical ones as well. Whether you’re looking to get healed, to enjoy yourself, or to simply spark a little of your inner creativity, developing tolerance is the best thing you could do.

Whether you’re someone who’s just starting out, or an experienced user, you should consider these aspects when consuming cannabis. Developing tolerance, getting the right dose and consuming in a comfortable environment are all linked to a good high. At Haven, we pride ourselves in serving our customer base with as much dedication and expertise as possible. Make sure to scout our offers to find the strains that you believe will produce the results that you expect.

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