In recent years, the cannabis industry has been growing exponentially. With this surge, the different methods of consumption are also becoming more increasingly varied. Users and consumers are getting curiouser about how many different ways there are to consume cannabis, and they are eager to try each new one. You don’t exclusively need joints, edibles and bongs to get your cannabis feed anymore. With the recent revolutions in administering methods, it’s now possible for you to place a small strip of cannabis film under your tongue and enjoy all a strain has to offer.

There are many reasons for which sublingual strips could grow to enjoy a favorable position in the cannabis industry. Cannabis enthusiasts are getting fond of this method because it usually acts faster and in a more effective way than conventional joints. And, certainly, it is far more discreet than any other method you could think of. Few people, however, are completely familiar with how sublingual strips work. For this reason, there may be some reticence in trying this method out and experiencing it in full.

The way a sublingual cannabis strip works is by synergistically interacting with the body’s oral mucosa, which is the denomination for the recipient membranes that are placed under the tongue. Sublingual membranes themselves are probably as easy to get through for cannabis as the digestive system, though their purpose is to withstand stretching and shearing from chewing. The membranes also help cells regenerate faster. They also cover the deep tissues and organs from the mouth so as to protect them from microorganisms.

Another major function the sublingual membranes perform is stimulating sensation in the oral cavity. They also secrete saliva constantly to keep the mouth as moist as possible, as well as to dilute any food that’s being eaten. In the history of the pharmaceutical industry, sublingual membranes have long been employed as a medicational administering method, given that it’s a very permeable area. Considering these factors, it’s only logical that the cannabis industry took advantage of this conventional method that users all across America are treating themselves to.

What Makes Sublingual Absorption So Different?

One of the reasons why cannabis enthusiasts are getting more fond of sublingual absorption is the fact that it acts as rapidly and consistently on the body as the more conventional methods. This has proven useful in particular with medical patients who wish to treat themselves to medical cannabis, and who aren’t especially keen to smoking or vaping, or even trying an edible. Sublingual absorption retains a certain medical quality that makes it stand out among consumption methods more traditionally associated with recreational cannabis.

Not only will consumers who choose to use sublingual absorption manage to avoid inhalation, but they will also experience a faster onset than what even edibles can offer. There is a special reason for why sublingual absorption is particularly more effective, and it’s that it doesn’t interact with the gastrointestinal system. Unlike edibles, sublingual strips aren’t covered in gastric acids and enzymes as soon as they reach the digestive tract. In the gastrointestinal system, delta-9 THC is transformed into a much more psychoactive form, 11-hydroxy THC. The latter is a compound that often produces a very intense high which most medical users, and almost all first-timers, would rather avoid. 

The problem with first-time users who try out an edible is that this compound transformation process that takes place in the digestive system scares them off. For this reason, sublingual strips aim at appealing to potential customers of the cannabis industry. The strips enter the user’s bloodstream through the sublingual membrane. As such, it avoids going through the digestive track and interacting with enzymes and digestive fluids. This means that sublingual strips never get to turn into 11-hydroxyl, but instead remain a delta-9 formula. Users who try this method will experience cannabis in a similar fashion to how smokers or vapers do. By remaining clear-headed and focused, they will likely feel enticed to try out more, and the industry will have gained a new customer.

Sublingual, What Are Cannabis Sublingual Strips?

Getting The Dosage Right

First of all, if you want to use a sublingual cannabis strip, you must ensure it’s placed under your tongue. If you put the strip on top of your tongue, it won’t be able to adhere to the oral mucosa. As such, you won’t be getting any of its effects, and it will be as though you never used it.

In today’s cannabis market, brands which produce sublingual strips have a hard time with customers that don’t understand how this method works. Occasionally, customers may mistake sublingual cannabis strips with mouth fresheners, which can actually be placed over the tongue. Cannabis strips don’t work in the same way as dissolvable breath strips. Although there isn’t a 100% chance that you won’t be getting some of its effects if you try it this way, you will most likely not get any of them.

When it comes to how strips themselves can be distinguished from other products, manufacturers tend to add minty flavors on them so as to mask the sour taste from terpenes and cannabinoids. This may confuse occasional or first-time users, resulting in them not getting the effects of sublingual strips.

By placing the sublingual strip under your tongue, you will enjoy everything the cannabis product has to offer. In order for the strip to dissolve, though, you should try and close your mouth for as long as five minutes. By the time it’s completely dissolved, you’ll know, since you will have treated yourself to the wonders of the strain by then.

However, there isn’t a specific amount of time in which most strips will dissolve themselves after you’ve placed them. The span should be between one and five minutes. If, during this time, you can’t contain the urge to tell someone else what it feels like, you will likely force the strip off the sublingual membrane. Therefore, the strip’s effects will be diminished and you will be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a method that is proven and safe, but are not as experienced with vaping or edibles, then sublingual strips might just be your thing. Feel free to scout Haven for our sublingual strip offers!

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