Everyone remembers their first cannabis experience with a broad smile on their lips. However, the effects you felt back then were probably not as pleasant as you think. Usually, when we smoke cannabis for the first time, we can feel our throat burning and have a very hard time calculating how long to pull the smoke. Most first-timers also attest to trying and failing many times to use a carb during their first smoke. After you get used to the experience, this hardship will likely fade away and give birth to a new confident smoke, which is how cannabis enthusiasts often describe their experiences. 

However, even if first-time users eventually get past the complications of getting used to smoking cannabis, not everyone out there is fond of this method. Many people around the world are growing more health-conscious nowadays, which is why they try to develop healthier lifestyles where they don’t have to smoke at all. There are many people who are aware of the many health benefits cannabis for our body, and yet are hesitant to try this substance out because they believe it can only be smoked. They may even live in a state where marijuana is legal, but they are afraid of compromising their lung health, and therefore will avoid smoking cannabis. 

One of the many great things about the growing cannabis industry is that users now have many different ways they can consume cannabis. You don’t need to smoke cannabis in order to enjoy it. You can pursue a healthy lifestyle and also make the most out of this plant and its endocannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, with all the health-boosting properties they have. Below, we have collected a list of the most popular smoke-free cannabis methods out there for you to enjoy. Consider asking your Haven budtender for bigger specifications on how to consume each of these methods if you’re a first-timer, or if you are curious about cannabis. 



Ever since the cannabis industry’s earliest days, edibles have been one of the most popular non-smoking delivery methods. Consumers can try edibles in any number of cannabis-infused food and drinks. Thanks to the growing acceptance of cannabis among the general public, edibles are encompassing more and more meals as time goes on. Thanks to cannabis oil and butter, it’s now possible for you to infuse any type of food and have a cannabis-friendly meal. 

Some users like to make their own homemade cannabis butter, which goes to show how much this solution is being accepted by the non-smoking cannabis crowd. However, as it happens with any other edibles format, experts warn that dosing is particularly important, even if you’re just consuming cannabis butter. At Haven, we have a great number of edibles options available just for you, so feel free to scout for yourself and purchase the one you think will best fit your taste. You now have the possibility of eating cannabis-infused yogurt, crackers, ice cream or even drinking cannabis lemonade.  

When trying an edible for the first time, it’s absolutely important that you start with a low dose and then be patient enough for it to kick in. Edibles take a lot more time to activate within our organism, due to the digestive process. However, its psychoactive effects are just as great as in the smoked version, if not better. 



This is one of the most popular new delivery methods among cannabis users. Chemical compounds can be vaporized to obtain the benefits from cannabis at a more efficient rate than with smoked marijuana. One of the main reasons for this is that chemical compounds take a lot more time to vaporize, which is why their temperature and effects are usually softer. 

Most consumers tend to find that vaporized cannabis tastes better than a combusted flower, which can be a huge plus. Your lungs will also be healthier if you choose vaporizers over smoked cannabis since vaporizers hardly cause any impact in the respiratory system. Some consumers are more comfortable with hand-held vaporizers they can control and carry with themselves at any time to enjoy both cannabis flowers and oils. However, this method has also expanded to table-top vaporizers, which tend to be more popular with the more experienced consumers. Table-top vaporizers often use vapor of a higher quality, which is also why its temperature tends to cause more pleasure to the user.  

If you think vaporizers are the method you should try for the first time, then you might be interested in trying out the many new affordable versions out there. 

ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking it, Ways To Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking It 


This is perhaps the second most popular choice for health-conscious cannabis consumers. Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions and scents that the user applies directly to the skin. If you are a cannabis user struggling with a specific type of body pain, like numbness, soreness, or inflammation, then you will likely make the most out of a topical solution. You can apply topicals on the area of your body that is afflicted the most, and experience an almost complete recovery from your painful sensation. 

Cannabis topicals are well-known for their ability to alleviate health symptoms without causing any psychoactive effects. This goes to show that topicals usually have a low THC dosing, with a high CBD concentrate; some topicals have a balanced mix so that the consumer who applies them gets the best effects from both substances. If, on top of experiencing body pain, you wish to remain clear-headed while consuming cannabis, then topicals are your cup of tea. 


Ingestible Oils 

What we know as “ingestible oils” are essentially a fancy term for cannabis concentrates that can be orally consumed. Users have the option of either consuming ingestible oils in capsules and plastic applicators, or simply administering them in their favorite drink. Ingestible oils tend to be very popular among consumers who don’t wish to treat themselves to the most famous cannabis methods. However, they can be just as psychoactive as edibles. Ingestible oils also take a long time to kick in, which is why professionals from the cannabis industry often remind consumers to take small doses and wait for them to hit.

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