The cannabis industry is welcoming new customers every day. One of the things people wonder about is what kind of experience smoking vs vaping can provide. In so much as, they both have things in common, there are also unique attributes that portray smoking vs vaping to be a personal preference.

The fastest way to feel the effects of cannabis is to smoke or vape dry flower or cannabis concentrates. Whereas both promote near-immediate effects, that’s where their commonalities end. Smoking vs vaping is a much different experience from start to finish.

Smoking vs Vaping, Smoking vs Vaping Cannabis is a Personal PreferenceThe Tools of the Trade

Experienced cannabis users are familiar with bongs, pipes, and papers. These are the tools of the trade for smoking dry cannabis flower. Smoking cannabis is a ritualistic endeavor that begins with choosing the right flower and ends with inhaling a bong or pipe hit and possibly a puff off of a tightly rolled joint. While vaping requires a special dry flower atomizer or a concentrate-filled universal cartridge or pod and battery, for lift-off.

Smoking cannabis has its drawbacks. The most notable is the odor. Cannabis smoke isn’t nearly as offensive as cigarette smoke, but it can be pungent. Secondly, smoking requires the flower to be ground up and packed into a device or rolled in papers. It’s a time-consuming, messy process at best. Furthermore, smoking requires combustion which can affect the taste of cannabis and allow gases and particulates to enter the bloodstream and harm the lungs. Regular cannabis smokers have reported symptoms including smoker’s cough, airway inflammation, congestion, and wheezing. However, many are willing to brave those discomforts for the authentic experience that smoking a fatty can provide.

Smoking vs Vaping is More Expensive

When cannabis is ignited many of the cannabinoids are lost in the smoke. In contrast, there is no combustion to burn away the cannabinoids from vapor. As a result, the vapor ends up being highly concentrated with cannabinoids. Therefore, a vape high requires much less product to achieve the same results, ultimately saving money, instead of watching it go “up in smoke.”

Smoking vs vaping cannabis comes down to personal preference. There are clear reasons why people choose to smoke their cannabis. After all, smoking portrays a certain authenticity of ritual and an opportunity to be very hands-on with the flower. Additionally, there are compelling arguments in favor of vaping cannabis. It’s discrete, potent, clean, and non-odorous, resulting in a less harmful, excellent way to imbibe. 

At Haven, we can introduce you to a top-shelf cannabis flower for smoking or vaping. Our concentrates selection is on point, and our capable staff is ready to help you make sense of it all. 

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