For many, there is arguably no better season than summer. Most people get to experience their vacation days during this season. Whether it’s work or school, we tend to be free in summer, and it’s when we do most activities outside. It’s when we go to the beach the most, get to travel to other places, or attend pool parties. However, despite all the good things that summer has to offer,  there is a common problem for all of them — we risk too much sun exposure.

Doctors and common sense tell us that we should always take precautions about sun exposure. We are supposed to apply and reapply sunscreen constantly. Yet, in spite of what we do, it could often be the case that our skin gets sunburned all the same. One of the most generally used natural remedies against sunburns is Aloe. Most people choose to treat sunburns with Aloe because it’s cheap, natural and can be easily bought. Nowadays, it is often discussed whether CBD too has properties that could help protect the skin against sun exposure. 

Is cannabidiol a property that could successfully treat sunburns? Is it healthy? Could it be a substitution for Aloe or even sunscreens? We will attempt to assert that in this article.

Sunburns, Is It Possible to Treat Sunburns with Cannabis?

What Are the Potential Health Effects of Cannabis?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know everything that research may have to say about the health benefits of cannabis. Due to federal law restrictions, there aren’t many experiments that can be conducted on the plant as of today. 

However, there have been many successful medical studies in the past. Some of them have revealed that CBD works as an anti-inflammatory. This shows some promise when it comes to treating common maladies, such as rheumatism or arthritis. People experiencing muscle pain due to such conditions will benefit from using cannabis to counter inflammation. Similarly, those experiencing illnesses threatening the skin, such as acne and psoriasis, might also benefit from cannabis use.

All things considered, CBD might in time become one of the most common anti-inflammatories out there. Therefore, could it be possible that CBD turned out to be a viable remedy against sun exposure? Could it also work to prevent sun damage?

Can CBD Be Used to Counter or Prevent Sunburns?

Cannabis has been shown to be beneficial in sunburned patients. Because of this, many doctors adamantly defend the health benefits it brings, especially dermatologists, who seem aware of the many positive effects CBD can bring on ill patients.

Not only does CBD have anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also a carrier oil that is very skin friendly. Its natural function is to prevent skin from being inflamed by sun exposure. Both in natural form and in chemical combination, CBD seems to pair best with zinc oxide. Together, these two components enhance their properties and are more effective as anti-inflammatories. 

Some doctors agree that CBD could indeed help patients suffering from sun damage. Although studies haven’t yet shown if CBD can treat sunburns, they have revealed that it can heal wounds on the dermis. Doctors and researchers continue to look into what CBD can do as sunscreen, or if it can even be employed in sunscreen formulas. 

As we said previously, the possibilities of CBD as a skin care substance are still mostly unknown. Research needs to point out if the benefits that CBD brings outweigh any possible secondary effects. However, studies have attempted to mix sun protection formulas with CBD and other properties distilled from cannabis. This adds anti-inflammatory properties to sunscreen, resulting in helpful and painless sunburn prevention.

How Does the Mixture of CBD and Sunscreen Help?

Dermatologists and skin care professionals seem to agree that sunscreen works better with a CBD addition. If mixed with Aloe, CBD will improve its beneficial effects on the skin exposed to the sun. Studies still haven’t shown that cannabis helps shield the skin from sunburns and sun exposure. There are many anecdotes and accounts from patients and doctors confirming that CBD improves regular sunscreens. If mixed with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, for example, CBD appears to make sun protection more effective.

Sunburns, Is It Possible to Treat Sunburns with Cannabis?

Are There Any Licenses That Recommend Mixing CBD and Sunscreen?

As of yet, there are many cannabis licensed brands that encourage medical users to mix CBD and skin care substances. Sunscreen, especially, is acknowledged as a formula that is heavily improved with the addition of cannabis. One such brand is Haven, which deals far and wide in California with CBD-inspired products. 

It must be considered that endocannabinoids are naturally produced by the human organism. Their purpose is to bind to our cannabinoid receptors in order to balance our inner chemistry. This inner balance could well help skin treatment if we consider that skin is the largest organ in the human body. 

When it comes to the topical employment of cannabis components, the research seems to agree with the theory of mixing CBD and sunscreen. One of the ways through which CBD balances the chemistry of the dermis is by countering inflammation. The many beneficial effects of CBD thus protect the skin from any potential sunburn or wound. Like inflammation, redness can also be lowered by the applying of CBD. Because of this, CBD could indeed be very useful when fighting sun-caused skin inflammation.

CBD and the Constant Threat of Sunburns 

Although very common in the summer, sun exposure during our favorite activities is a constant threat. The ideal thing would be for all of us to be duly protected with enough sunscreen in advance. By preventing sunburns, we are watching over our health, and making the further use of substances unnecessary.

However, no one is perfect. And things will more often than not get out of hand. The right thing to do would be not to feel bad, but to apply an effective treatment. Solutions that use Aloe Vera and are infused with CBD might just do the work necessary to counter the inflammation and redness caused by sun exposure.

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