Mental health is one of the most valuable things you can have. Many experts claim that having a healthy state of mind is just as important as having a healthy body. Although there are many methods that help people cope with their issues in a way that can have positive results, there is one in particular that more and more people are attracted to: Self-care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a modern medical term. Doctors have not only accepted it due to its rising popularity in social media and internet forums, but also because of how many benefits it brings. It is perhaps the most hipster way of referring to mental wellness, as psychologists know it. Nowadays, however, there are many methods for self-care available that didn’t previously exist. People can improve their mental health by focusing on their own well-being according to their personalities and interests as it best suits them.

According to London-based psychologist Hamira Riaz, “Self-care happens whenever you feel threatened and experience the need of finding comfort in yourself.” She goes on to explain that people usually are brought up to prioritize the needs of others over their own. This may be a good point of view, she says, but what is also important is that you focus on what you can control. Establishing a sense of safety on what you can do is what matters, and this is what self-care is ultimately about.

Self-care, How Cannabis May Improve Self-Care

Could Cannabis Contribute to Self-Care?

If you are undecided and have many appealing options to treat yourself, this state of mind could spoil the mood. You can pick cannabis and its many beneficial properties as a means to take care of yourself. Say, taking a relaxing bath along with your vape on a Friday night and your favorite snacks makes for a terrific self-care activity. When it comes to which cannabis strains to use as your preferred form of self-care, it is not the same as choosing between snack brands or bath bomb types.

How Cannabis Boosts These Activities


As a method of holding stress at bay, massage is one of the most effective techniques. Many choose it as their favorite form of self-care thanks to how relaxing it can be for your body. In order to be healthy, your mind needs the body to be relaxed as well. A sound mind and a stress-free body are the essence of self-care.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of cannabis during recent years, there are many health products infused with CBD and other cannabis properties available for massage therapy. Massage practitioners are used to applying cannabis-based oils on clients, and these might just do wonders for you as well. Most users of this method are extensively relieved and experience a stress-free sensation just a few minutes after it’s applied.


Meditation is one of the best and most popular self-care activities out there. Meditating can help us train our awareness and gain a truthful and balanced perspective. Most people believe meditating is about turning yourself off from things, but in truth, it’s about balancing your emotions. This activity requires plenty of reflection and deep thought, so it is best that you use a cannabis strain that doesn’t accelerate your body more than usual. Your strain will also need to relax you, but to balance your focus as well, so that you can immerse yourself properly. For this activity, the best cannabis strains are probably Jilly Bean and Banana Split.

Bubble Baths:

This is another popular activity because of how relaxing it can be for both your body and mind. You can use a cannabis strain as you wind down on a soothing bubble bath to make it the most pleasurable experience possible. The best strain option should be a hybrid one that balances calm, sedation and excitement. Wedding Cake, for example, could improve your bubble bath by relaxing you just the right amount, so that you can make the most out of this self-care activity.


Nowadays, one of the most practiced self-care activities is cryotherapy. It involves standing or sitting in a chamber cooled to subzero temperatures as a means of relaxation. This activity works wonders for reducing stress and can even be considered a skin treatment. But imagine just how good it must feel with a cannabis product to make the most out of this experience.

Edibles are definitely the best choice to make cryotherapy particularly effective with cannabis. With this option, it will remain on your body longer than a casual strain, and keep working even after the therapy is over.


If you want to make this self-care activity particularly good, although not cheap, you may want to get an appointment with a nail therapist in a beauty salon. What makes this activity different from others is that you will be in public, which calls for a discrete cannabis strain. Experts think that the best strain possible is one that energizes you but keeps you sociable as well. Some strains with these characteristics are Black Raspberry and Blue Dream. You could choose either to relax yourself enough to make the best of it, without risking disengagement.


Some people might just choose to lie down one afternoon after a busy day and take a much-deserved nap. If this is your chosen self-care activity, you should probably try a cannabis strain that relies on the Indica plant. Some experts on the subject suggest you use Purple Punch thanks to how much Indica it has. Its textured, fruity taste is a plus, and it might work as a very good preparation for a nap. Experts recommend, however, that you have plenty of time available to use it.

Self-care, How Cannabis May Improve Self-Care

Many medical professionals and experts in cannabis consumption have agreed on how cannabis can be added to the best self-care activities. So, if you choose self-care options such as a cryotherapy session, a trip to the nail salon, a movie night at home, or even just a simple and relaxing cat nap, there will always be a cannabis strain you can use to make the experience even more effective.

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