California was the first to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes. In 2016, the state passed Proposition 64, which legalized the cultivation, sale, and use of recreational cannabis. Furthermore, it’s one of the most cannabis-friendly states in the nation with a wide array of unique and interesting products. Here are some of the top California cannabis brands that users love.

california cannabis brands, California Cannabis Brands People Love

Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections is likely one of the most well-known California-based cannabis brands. The company was born in 2010 in response to the then underserved edibles market.

The most popular product Kiva offers is its cannabis-infused chocolate bars. Additionally, you can choose from nine different flavors, including churro milk chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate, and raspberry and cream white chocolate. The company also offers infused gummies, mints, and bites.

Kaneh Co.

Based in San Diego, Kaneh Co. is a family-owned bakery that specializes in edibles. The company prides itself on quality, consistency, and providing effective products.

At Kaneh Co., you can find baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and blondies, caramels, chocolates, and fruit jellies. Products contain 5 to 10 mg of THC per serving.

Manzanita Naturals

Manzanita Naturals offers an assortment of cannabis-infused beverages, including sparkling waters, colas, and 2-ounce shots. The drinks are handcrafted by a team of brewmasters with more than 40 years of combined experience.

Each 12-oz bottle of sparkling water and cola contains 10 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis. The shots contain 100 mg of THC per bottle. The company offers five flavors of sparkling water, three cola flavors, and two types of shots.

Cannabis Quencher

Cannabis Quencher is a brand offered by the Venice Cookie Company in southern California. VCC is a longstanding authority on edibles and has been around since 2008.

Cannabis Quencher offers a variety of infused flavored waters, with flavors such as raspberry hibiscus, strawberry lemonade, and mango. Most flavors contain 100 mg of THC per bottle, except for CBD raspberry hibiscus (100 mg of CBD and 25 mg of THC) and CBD mango (50 mg of CBD and 50 mg of THC). It also offers four flavors of lozenges, which contain 10 mg of THC per package.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley was born from a desire by the founder to create a balm to ease his father’s back pain. The original balm was formulated in his kitchen. It alleviated his father’s discomfort and, along with other therapies, got him out of hospice care and back home.

The company offers topicals, transdermal patches, tinctures, and capsules. Additionally, products are made using whole-plant infusions and are tested three times to ensure quality and exceed California regulations.


AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is a northern California brand that devotes itself to providing medical cannabis patients with high-quality, pure, safe, and potent products. All plants are tested for pesticides, mold, and bacteria before processing. Those that pass inspection are dried and cured before undergoing high-pressure CO2 extraction.

ABX offers a few different products: vape cartridges, soft gel capsules, and sublingual drops. The vape cartridges are available in several different strains, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

These are just a few of the California cannabis brands that people enjoy. There are many other incredible companies out there, offering a variety of amazing products for users of all tastes and preferences. Therefore, if you’re in search of a new brand to call your favorite, check some of these out! Furthermore, Haven has four locations ready to discuss some of these and other fine brands to get your experience started.

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