When the rainy season hits, you will want to keep a reliable cannabis strain by your side. Contrary to popular belief, not all cannabis strains will get the job done depending on the situation you mean to use it. If the weather is remarkably unquiet, for example, you will want to make sure that whichever strain you happen to have makes you feel relaxed and calm enough to stay indoors for as long as the rain lasts.

There are specific strains that seem designed for rainy days and very indoorsy situations. These cannabinoid combinations will make you feel especially cozy and comfortable, which is ideal when the sound of rain coming from the outside soothes you.

Below, we have gathered a list of five strains that perfectly match the ideal rainy day scenario. You should take advantage for as long as the sunny weather lasts. Make sure to get one strain of each on this list and keep them on your stash box. That way, the rainy season won’t catch you off guard. Planning your high beforehand will enable you to undergo the rainy season smoothly and pleasurably.

Tahoe OG Kush

Of all strains on this list, there’s hardly any that is as effective for rainy days as Tahoe OG Kush. Using this strain will make you want to sit at home and enjoy all the pleasant effects it brings. People who have experienced the effects of Tahoe OG testify that it manages to slow them down, as well as send a warm body high that covers and soothes their whole body in a way that is very pleasurable. 

Tahoe OG’s taste is also remarkably natural. So, smoking this strain feels like you’re actually enjoying a product that comes from the rain itself. It also has one of the most durable highs possible. You will find that it lasts all the way into the evening with its many relaxing effects doing wonders for your temper and body.

People who have used Tahoe OG claim that it is ideal for a Sunday where the rain just keeps on going. If there’s wind and humidity, then even better. You will feel as though you won’t get any better experience elsewhere. Make sure that there’s a sport event you want to check out on TV, and along with your warm blankets and refreshments, and you will be in for a treat. 



Depending on the type of rainy day, you might just want to chill on your bed without paying attention to anything but the comfortable sound of raindrops falling on your windows and roof. For this, you will hardly find a strain that gets the job done as well as Romulan does. By wrapping yourself in blankets, you will be as relaxed as anyone can be during a stormy and rainy day. 

Once you’ve embraced all the wonders of the Romulan strain, make sure to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the ecstasy of raindrops. This strain will heighten your auditory capacity and enable you to experience the relaxing wonders of rain like never before.

Users who have taken a liking to the Romulan strain claim that it is a very strong body high that works best when you’ve lied down on a couch or a bed. It is also especially good for patients suffering from insomnia, depression, body pain and anxiety. It may also feel like being a on massage therapy session; that’s how relaxing it can be. The effect will extend all the way to your limbs and ease you down on such a way that you will feel completely calm. If you choose to put some music while you’re at it, then Romulan will deepen your appreciation for your favorite record and artist so that you get to enjoy it in a unique manner.


best strains, Best Strains For Rainy Days


Double Dream

This strain is a mighty combination of two of our most beloved formulas in the entire cannabis industry: Dream Star and Blue Dreams. The Double Dream strain is remarkably joyful and mellow. Its floral scent is very embolding, delivering a high that will make you want to stay indoors but still able and willing to make the most out of your free time. The mighty advantage of Double Dream is that it relaxes you while leaving you active and capable, making it possible to invest yourself in your favorite daytime activity. You can read, watch TV, drink coffee, or just relax, and Double Dream will still do wonders to your body.



Same as Tahoe OG, Superglue is a very natural breed when it comes to cannabis strains. Therefore, it achieves a synergistic state with heavy rainy days, that stands out even when compared to Tahoe OG. Users who have developed a taste for Superglue attest to its sweetness and bushy taste. Its outline also resembles green foliage, which pretty much gives away its effectiveness during a rainy day. Some users describe that the high delivered by Superglue is remarkably steady and cerebral. Unlike Romulan, your head will be active and clear after you’ve smoked Superglue. That way, your favorite intellectual activities will become twice as engaging: if you’re writing, binging a show or going through a new book, then this is the strain for you.


Forbidden Fruit

Most users believe that Forbidden Fruit is the ideal strain for watching your favorite series or listening to music. This is a strain that is not only relaxing, but that also feels fresh, engaging and tasty, which makes the experience a unique treat. Its mixture of flavors is remarkably fruit-based. Among its main fruity components, the taste of cherry is predominant. Forbidden Fruit can be described as the most stoney strain on this list: one that will make you feel active and engaged for whatever pleasurable activity that involves self-care. You can sit on the couch and watch TV or listen to music, or just lie down and daydream without end.

If you feel like rainy days are better spent sleeping them off, then taking a few extra puffs of Forbidden Fruit will do the trick.

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