Depression is one of the most painful and common conditions that can be found anywhere. Patients struggling with it are in deep need of assistance, and the medical community is always looking for new ways that can effectively help the patients overcome the most negative traits of depression. It is, after all, a very complex condition where the mental health and life of the patient always hangs on the balance. We, at the cannabis industry, are aware of the challenging effects of depression, and are committed to helping patients with the many beneficial properties to be distilled from endocannabinoids.

Unfortunately, the cannabis industry lacks enough data to certify how much strains and formulae can lower the effects of depression. More studies will have to be conducted to verify this. Patients who have been struggling with this condition, however, continue to testify that cannabis helps them cope with their symptoms. Sometimes, a well put together strain will get patients to escape the most negative signs of their condition and develop more self esteem. Motivation and engagement are two of the most common benefits that can be derived from using a cannabis strain suitable enough for depressive patients.

If you’re struggling with depression yourself, consider that a good cannabis strain can help you by increasing hunger, sparkling more interests in your daily hobbies, and enticing creativity in a way that is rarely outmatched. If you believe that a cannabis formula can help you overcome depression in a significant way, we encourage you to bring it up with your doctor. It’s possible that a cannabis intake interferes with any medical treatments that you’re going through. So, take this into consideration when you discuss it with a medical professional.

Before we start taking a closer look at what certain cannabis strains can offer for people suffering from depression, we should remember that strains can vary substantially. First of all, the most common cannabis formulas out there, are the THC strains. This particular strain offers the euphoric feeling that is often linked to a cannabis intake. It is also the chemical compound that is directly responsible for appetite bursts whenever you use cannabis. For most users, THC brings unique and fulfilling effects, since they increase motivation and creativity. However, this may not be the case with depressive patients, since it can also make certain people feel anxious. Depressive symptoms could even be worsened by an inadequate THC intake. 

Because of what we just described, CBD strains might be the most suitable ones for people suffering from depression. These strains are rarer than THC, but their effects have been consistently associated with medical benefits. People who are just starting out at cannabis often find that CBD is more comfortable, more relaxing, and far more soothing than THC. Considering this, CBD strains will probably work best for depressive patients.

Keep in mind that, when choosing a certain strain that is expected to deliver a specific result, you should also watch for the terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are key to the overall taste and experience of the strain. They affect flavor, as well as scent, but they could also have a substantial part on what makes a certain strain deliver health benefits.

Let’s examine for ourselves what are some of the most effective cannabis strains for patients struggling with depression.

, Best Strains for Depression


This strain is one of the most widely used by depressive patients. Its composition features a reasonable balance between THC and CBD, which delivers clear-headedness along with an effective and deep sense of relief. The primary terpenes that work in Harlequin are myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. The CBD dose found within Harlequin often helps counteract the effects of THC, as far as the chances of increasing anxiety on the user go. This prevents patients struggling with depression from accumulating tension, and helps them cope with their condition better. 


Jack Herer

In the cannabis industry, the Jack Herer strain is often associated with joy and a spark in creativity. It is often referred as the go-to strain for uplifting effects. Its terpenes, which are terpinolene, pinene and caryophyllene, have a distinct sharp pine and freshly cut wood scent. For sufferers of depression who need comfort and stimulation on specific days where they feel at their lowest, Jack Herer may just provide the solution they need. Unlike Harlequin, however, THC is the most predominant component within Jack Herer. This means that users who are prone to developing anxiety will probably be better off with a strain that has a stronger CBD presence.



Like Harlequin, Cannatonic is a strain with a predominant CBD presence. Its cannabinoid profile accomplishes a reasonable balance between THC and CBD: it will sharpen your mind while preventing it from becoming overloaded. The main terpenes to be found in the cannatonic formula are myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. It’s possible that THC strains elicit some haziness in the user. However, Cannatonic will compensate this with the overwhelming relief that comes from the CBD dosage. 



The predominant strains to be found within the Cinex strain are limonene, pinene and caryophyllene. This is a strain with a predominant dose of THC. Cinex is ideal for sparkling a renewed interest in the hobbies you like the most and that have been affected by your depression. It stimulates creativity on such a way that it will lead you to invest yourself in new activities and develop new skills. Limonene, which is the most predominant citrus terpene within the Cinex chemical compound, is often the subject of medical studies attempting to create new and effective treatments for depression and anxiety. 


Treating depression with cannabis formulas depends on the recommendations of your doctor. Make sure that the medical professional you go to is open-minded about medical cannabis. People struggling with this condition who have been referred by their doctors to specific strains have experienced a dramatic improvement. Consider that this, too, can be your case. Do not give up, and keep in mind that self-love, creativity, wisdom, and tenacity are all within your reach.

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