Most users have a specific set of strains they like to use in certain occasions. For example, rainy days tend to make you feel like smoking a strain with a high CBD dose. If you’re going out with friends to do some camping, then make sure that the strain you use will keep you active and aware of all the wonders of nature. But what if you wake up to a day so chilly you feel like staying indoors until it’s warm? Then, the strain you go to has to be really special. Some would say, more special than any strain you’d pick during regular days. Cold days are growing increasingly more common, given that temperatures are dropping everywhere. It follows that you need to be ready with a strain that gets the job done without your having to go outside.

Let’s examine for ourselves what the best cannabis strains for cold days are.



This is one of the most popular cannabis strains all around the East Coast. It is famous for its very clean scent. It features faint notes of pine and clove, as well as a balanced THC dose. Highlands is predominantly comprised of indica, which makes it especially effective for consumers who wish to remain indoors.

Highlands is popular for achieving a soothing effect on the body that typically reaches everywhere. However, thanks to its major THC dose, whose levels can reach up to 16-25%, you will remain clear-headed after consuming it.


Kinky Kush

This is another strain with a strong dose of THC. Experts in the cannabis industry consider that THC-infused strains tend to work better for situations such as cold or rainy days. If you have to stay indoors, and find nothing better to do than chill on the couch for a few hours, then Kinky Kush is definitely your thing.

Kinky Kush is well-known for being a piney and powerful strain, that is sure to satisfy the most demanding cannabis consumers. Its THC content reaches almost a 28% of the total dosing, which means that it is highly psychoactive. People who are struggling with many forms of stress tend to find that Kinky Kush works miracles for them. It relieves painful conditions as much as it provides energy with a clear-headed effect. So, for the next time you find yourself in need to remain indoors and avoid a chilly day, you better have Kinky Kush on your stock.


Blue Dream

So far, you may fall under the impression that only indica-infused strains should be consumed during a cold and chilly day. However, there is one remarkable exception: Blue Dream. This strain has a major sativa presence, which makes it stand out as far as relaxing strains go. 

For consumers who are looking forward to staying fully active and energetic during a cold day spent indoors, Blue Dream is the best strain. Although its many effects provide a full relaxation of the body, it typically leaves cerebral activity as balanced and stable as ever. Its pinene properties make Blue Dream great for activities such as binge-watching a Netflix show, or catching up on your favorite sports event.

strains for cold days, Best Strains For Cold Days Sunset

This is perhaps the most relaxing and soothing strain on this list. Most users who have tried Sunset attest to it being enormously effective in easing down the body, to the point where it feels like you are part of the bed or couch you’re lying on.

Sunset is remarkably high on THC as well, reaching almost a 28% dose. It is also gifted with a spicy indica infusion, that feels very different to how indica acts on Kinky Kush or Highlands. However, it still manages to be incredibly relaxing, which will probably make you want to sleep out the cold day till it’s over. 


Critical Mass

This strain is drastically different from the other formulas featured on this list. In addition to the typical THC component, Critical Mass has an important amount of CBD. This mixture is key to many users, given that the psychoactive effects of THC can be a burden for people struggling with delicate health conditions. Consumers who are looking for a strain that will ease down their pain and relax them to the bone, usually want their strain to be loaded with CBD. Professionals from the cannabis industry often recommend that THC be counteracted with CBD; anecdotal evidence shows that this balance makes both components more effective.

For one, a moderate THC dose will keep consumers clear-headed and active in spite of the deep relaxation brought by CBD. On the other hand, a CBD dose will lower the psychoactive effects of THC. Critical Mass has both benefits, given that its THC dosing is itself very moderate. It typically ends at a 22% of the overall formula, whereas the CBD component barely stands at a 7%. 

If, on top of enduring an awful chilly day, you also happen to be struggling with pain and physical as well as mental injuries, then you should probably go for Critical Mass. This strain has been designed especially for you.


Choosing the right strain for a cold day can be a monumental task. You have to consider that THC will likely diminish the cold effects of the weather. However, too much THC can be counterproductive, especially if you are dealing with any sorts of physical pain. Consider that the best strains usually feature a balance of the two most important endocannabinoids. Because of this, you will probably be better off getting a strain that mixes THC and CBD on a moderate to high note.

If, on the other hand, staying indoors makes you want to remain as active as ever, then the strain you choose will have to relax you and warm you while keeping you clear-headed. A strain such as Highlands or Kinky Kush will get your mind sharp and ready for a movie marathon, a reading session, or just listening to music for hours on end. Make sure to prepare a stock with the strains that would best suit you during a cold day. You can ask your Haven budtender for any recommendations. Keep in mind, however, that experimenting is key for any choice.

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